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From 9 to 6

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  • Performed several job duties as a barista and provided customer service. Handle exchanges and refunds in a quick, efficient manner. At Starbucks, I take orders, make coffee, tea and other drinks to customers specifications. I often clean coffee machines, restaurant areas, restrooms, and preparation areas during a normal shift.

  • 6am to 3pm
    2pm to 11pm

    10pm to 7am

  • Shift Based. 9 Hrs. shift

  • The traffic in Starbucks is consistently busy. On weekdays, our peaks are usually early in the morning and/or in the evenings. Weekends are crazy all day long, especially around lunch time (noon). We have our few regulars that come in with the same order around the same time of day. Traffic, customers, peaks etc. all differ depending on what store and what location you are working at.

  • No. Schedules change weekly. I was sometimes scheduled outside of my availability.

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