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Do they train you to become a Barista?

7 réponses

  • Yes, they take you through online training and then place you on the floor where you can practice what you just learned online.

  • Yes, but very light coverage of any beverage.

  • Yes, but it is ALOT to take in and it is not for everyone. A lot of people take some time to get used to everything but normally very successful!

  • Yes, but it's limited and incomplete before you're given too much responsibility

  • They do, but the training is not very empathetic. Also they train you how to become a Starbucks Barista, which it should be said that this is a different concept from a Barista in general.

  • Never enough training times. Sometimes skipped if it's too busy.

  • Training is just adequate. You have a budget for training hours which gets you a minimal barista education.

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