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Comment avez-vous eu votre premier entretien chez Starbucks?

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  • Starbucks partnered for a hiring event with Youth Employment Services (YES) in Toronto, and I got an interview scheduled through YES.

  • I applied online

  • I applied online

  • I applied online and got a call within two days of applying.

  • I applied online and received a call for an interview. I couldn't believe it at first since I had applied to so many other places, and quite honestly Starbucks was at the top of my list.
    The manager was exceptional. He was experienced, hard working, down to earth and genuine. It's not common to find a work environment where we empower each other and the customers on a daily basis.

  • I applied in person

  • At a job fair

  • Awesome interview

  • I walked into the store and asked if they were hiring, then the manager introduced herself to me and we set up an interview on the spot.

  • Deposited a resume and the manager immediately took me aside for an interview, super friendly woman she was.

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  1. Comment avez-vous eu votre premier entretien chez Starbucks?