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Comment avez-vous eu votre premier entretien chez Starbucks?

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  • first interview phone screening.

  • I applied online and three days later I emailed the manager to follow up on my application, half an hour after sending the email she emailed me back asking for an interview two days from then.

  • I undergo Evaluation Screening via phone and personal, initial interview at assigned branches with Coffee Shop Manager, final interview with the District Manager who handling that branches, and undergo pre employment medical examinations.

  • Yes its was my first interview in starbucks coffee so i was scared first and happy at the same time because i see the Baristas and supervisor communicat with customers and laughing and make amazing Coffee to them so i was thinking i need to be apart of this team

  • No , it was on square victoria

  • Attended a Job Fair

  • I applied online and got called in for a interview and then I was hired on the spot . And begin my Starbucks journey as a barista .

  • Through the Starbucks website.

  • Applying online

  • Starbucks partnered for a hiring event with Youth Employment Services (YES) in Toronto, and I got an interview scheduled through YES.

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