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    Kevin Johnson
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    plus de 10 000
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    plus de 10 milliards de dollars (USD)
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    Restaurants et services alimentaires


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Barista in Montréal, QC
le 10 mai 2021
Very fast paced but great team energy
There are so many things to learn that it can be super stressful at first. Depending on your shift (open/close) you either have a bunch of stuff to do or you can relax a bit more when things are slow. Loved the team work aspect. They are VERY focused on customer service.
Barista in Toronto, ON
le 15 juin 2021
It's a okay place to work. Depending on the type of person you are.
It can be a fun place to work. You'll meet lots of great coworkers with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Management was okay, your hours are often random from week to week but the work/life balance is manageable. There is a lot to learn and you'll find it hard to adjust to everything and to the routines. They are cashier, bar work, food perper, and overall customer services roles that are difficult to manage during one shift. Customers are entitled and rude.
Shift Supervisor in Edmonton, AB
le 8 juin 2021
Your Experience Will Vary
Each store will be different based on management. Some stores are well run, but most are not and have glaring issues. The job and company itself aren't horrible, the tasks are not overreaching and compensation is fair considering the position. For a part-time gig at a good store its a fantastic job, full-time at a "problem" store you will be miserable. Growth potential is often a popularity contest or promotions will be dangled in front of you in order to get you to make your job your top priority. Most stores have some sort of cattiness or drama because of this. The largest problem currently is externally hired managers are thrown into a crash course of every role and expected to run a store perfectly, however they are often grossly incompetent, micromanaging and often will try to run a store per the standards while disregarding company and store culture. One store may be laidback yet the one down the street is a nightmare to work at. Turnover of managers is somewhat high, however shifts and baristas stick around once you get the hang of it.The job itself is great for students with lots of flexibility (again dependant on your managers interpretation of "standards") and I've made some lifelong friends with co-workers. Don't expect great training from the company though. Its usually just some videos, a couple shadow shifts and then your thrown into things. If your hours don't meet your needs you can drop/pick up within the store or throughout the city. Don't count on full-time hours though, supervisors are at most scheduled 38-39.5 hrs/week, baristas 32-36. In order to get full-time you'll usually have to pick up and work 6-10 days in a row depending on the store. Stores are often understaffed and work load has been increasing ten fold since the pandemic and corporate will often throw happy hours and double star days at you without significant increases to labour. Outside of making drinks and helping customers your day is spent cleaning and once a week the store does a deep clean (either at like 4:30-5AM or until 11-midnight).
Barista in Regina, SK
le 7 juin 2021
Fun Job
I love working at Starbucks, i get to know people, make friends even if they are just a customer, fun at work. There’s always new things, its exciting, its not boring, there’s always something you can learn.
Cashier/Barista in Toronto, ON
le 5 juin 2021
The salary DOES NOT worth the job
Starbucks is a company that just cares about customers, not the workers. they pay 14$ CAD per hour and they ask you to do everythinnnng: register, espresso bar, cold drinks, making whipped cream, cleaning, wiping, cleaning the windows, toilets, tables and floor. My hands, while I was working there, was so dry and irritated because of the cleaning chemicals. the salary increases every 6months by 20 cents.

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Publié le 11 août 2018

Why would you be a good fit? Are you passionate about people and coffee? Are you easy to talk to? Willing to grow as a person within the company?

Publié le 3 août 2018
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