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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Un travail physique dur pour un petit salaire

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Le travail démarre bien et à chaque fois on vous confie de plus en plus de responsabilités pour un salaire minimum qui ne justifie pas la charge de travail, notamment physique. et s'il y a d'autres postes disponibles ils ne vous qualifient pas pour les prendre on se sent abusé par tant de travail

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Bon environnement de travail et horaires flexibles

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incontestablement le pire c'est le salaire
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Good work culture, low pay, no commission but friendly work environment.

The work culture and the work-life balance are fantastic, but the pay is at a minimum and for the work that needs to be done that is not quite acceptable standards. No commission on the sales job makes it even more difficult but the work environment is friendly and good for part-time employees. Management could be better though.
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It was fantastic until it wasn't

I loved that job from day 1. The people were fantastic and easy to get along with. All of the employees were a team, we worked together to solve programs and help customers. Until they hired an inexperienced copy lead who lied to customers, lied to co-workers, was rude to 1 manager, didn't protect customer privacy, and broke multiple company policies. A bunch of us complained to the store manager as well as HR. The workplace was becoming incredibly stressful due to the copy lead lying and misleading customer as it was those of us working part-time who got an earful from the customers. Eventually, I had to quit due to the stressful work environment created by 1 person. I was the 4th person who quit due to this person.
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Very slow - no growth

I worked in the copy and print department and it was very slow. You were not allowed to leave your area and it was hard to assist customers if you didn't know where the items were. When closing you were expected to help all departments even if it was not your section to maintain.
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Co-workers great, customers awful

Co-workers are great, customers are awful and demanding. To work as a print associate you have to juggle customers in a line up while most of your co workers are not trained in the department to help. No one wants to wait or be patient and then want their stuff done right away. Trying to establish a standard on how things are done is impossible when associates have different levels of training and knowledge on how to do things. There's no compensation or incentive to scout potential businesses for setting up accounts with us. Especially when those who manage those accounts don't respond to customers inquiries for days at a time and in store associates are left to deal with remote account managers' messes.
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Atypical retail job, nothing special.

A lot of your experience related to Staples Canada is very dependent on the position you are applying to fulfill. I had worked at the company for roughly eight years, and during my tenure it seemed like the worst positions for stress and expectation were in technology and copy and print center. With the former, you are pressured into being able to upsell protection plan and add-on bundles, and with the later you will be dealing with a lot of incapable people. Service is arguably just as bad in terms of work environment; and while office supplies seems to be the most neutral in terms of experience, you will be expected to crosstrain and provide support for other departments with little to no additional compensation.The main issue with working for Staples Canada is the lackluster wages, and the workload expectations. Granted it's retail and not a hard job to upkeep, but unless you're someone extroverted and thrives in people engagement, it definitely can and will wear your soul down. I had no idea just how much it did until I left, where it felt as if the weight of the world was lifted off my shoulders.The location of where you will work will also contribute heavily to what you will ensure. The management in each location is atypically either a hit or miss, but it's ultimately the shenanigans from head office which is the main thing that'll grind your gears in the long term. The stores I had worked at were on the smaller/medium scale, so their influence was definitely more felt than it would be at say a bigger-sized store.It's sad since when I first started, Staples was - 

Points positifs

Full-time benefits, Rrsp, and overall easy for the most part.

Points négatifs

Retail-related stress, and low compensation for work. Continuously increasing workload and expectations.
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-Always overloaded with low paid salary-The company doesn't really care for theirs employees, they only care about the sales and data.

You can learn a lot stuff while you working in this company-Always overloaded with low paid salary-The company doesn't really care for theirs employees, they only care about the sales and data.-non functional system-high turnover rate
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Typical retail

I had luck because I worked with good leaders and coworkers who've helped me develop my skills. I've been cross-trained in majority of the departments and loved the competitiveness nature of the business. The retail environment is what it is, it's great for students to gain work experience.
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Always a pleasant work environment.

As someone who has worked at two different locations, the work environment between stores can be very different. I had to part with Staples due to an impending leg injury, but I had an awesome and supportive team. The managers at my location were always kind and understanding. Fair warning that the store's overhead lighting can induce headaches/migraines after a while, but that just might be me.
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easy going

nice co-workers good bosses depending on the shift training provided simple and difficult tasks if only shifts were more accessable meaning start times
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Sales Associate

Good management, sales, retail sales, Targets assignedPart time employeegreat storetechnical knowledge about staples retail productsQuarterly store meetings
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For a minimum wage job, it is task heavy.

- New hires can be overburdened. Don't expect an easy entry, expect that you may be tasked with a task which is difficult for someone lacking experience early.- Expect pressure to sell extended warranties (protection plans).
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Decent place to work, management was ok. They are pretty stingy with hours. I applied for sales but got stuck doing cash which is just standing for hours on end until some one comes to cash out.

Points positifs

Flexible hours, sales discount

Points négatifs

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Great place to work for students

When I worked at Staples the management and staff were all great. The best thing about it is the co-workers.Like most retail it has slow and busy periods of course. Times like Back-to-school can be very stressful but other than that it was just constantly making the isle products look nice and making sure everything was stocked.

Points positifs

The co-workers are the best.

Points négatifs

Not much other than certain times of year are very busy like all retail. Minimum wage.
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Fine for a first job

A fine first job but certainly not a good option if you’re looking for advancement. Managers went through my location like a revolving door. No promotion from within the company.
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Overall decent for part time

If you’re looking for full time / career advancement look elsewhere. Otherwise staples is a great place to work. Flexible schedules, family atmosphere.
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Decent but nothing special

Basic retail job. Very nice staff where I worked, however company is not very organized and makes changes that aren't beneficial to workers. Sometimes had to cover another role or two for a bit.
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Good entry level job

Basic retail job - teaches some valuable skills, doesn't go far beyond that. Worked here before the company's big rebranding. I preferred the older business model and look.
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Low Pay

They have very low pay and no room for advancement. Apart from this, it is a good first job and they are quite flexible. The coworkers and managers are also friendly.
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Lots of areas, lots to learn.

Lots of areas, lots to learn. Constant changes, be ready from day one. Great brand to work for. Life lasting lessons. Move around, and hopefully up eventually.

Points positifs

Lots of areas, lots to learn.

Points négatifs

Constant changes, be ready from day one.
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Good job

Good manager and good team. Can be quite stressful during the back to school season but overall its definitely a nice student job. The morning shifts can definitely be harder though.

Points positifs

Flexible Schedule

Points négatifs

Stressful during the back to school season
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