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Comment les retours sur la performance sont-ils communiqués aux employés de Bureau en gros?

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  • You either get yelled at all the time or you get called into the office for a discussion and don't provide answers to you

  • Never told about the good things you are doing, always the bad. Numbers only driven company, wanting every second to be used

  • Write ups, producing fear, making it done their way

  • I agree with the answer here. You don't really get trained- apart from video trainings. Those video trainings have a deadline (I never understood why?). The problem is that you are not even assigned training apart from the first 3 days. Let me tell you : There are ~80 training videos that range from 1minute each to 1hour. This is something that you have to chew through as fast as possible and still be able to remember it.(NOT POSSIBLE)

  • They talk to you, but the higher up managers, not necessarily the store level managers, have some idealistic world where they expect minimum wage, untrained employees to sell as if they have been selling cars for 100k/year for the past 15 years. They expect way too much for way too little. The store level managers are often ripped between helping out their staff and not getting yelled at by their boss.

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