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SSP America, a division of SSP Group, has positioned itself as the industry’s food travel expert, the preeminent operator of food and beverage concessions in the United States and Canada. With over 230 outlets in 28 airports, SSP America strategically implements our vision to lead a food travel movement. Our overarching goal is to inspire passengers – plus... to view the airport as a culinary destination. Led by top restaurant professionals and culinary enthusiasts, the entire 4,200-person SSP America team has a passion for exceptional food and inviting hospitality. The airports we serve rely on the SSP America team to bring a world-class portfolio of local, proprietary and national brands with broad passenger appeal and commercial viability.

Established in North America in 2007, the company has quickly grown to be North America’s second largest food and beverage airport operator. With the global resources needed to effectively develop major restaurant programs, the American team of SSP focuses locally, first. We seek out the local legends that make a city unique and concepts that offer a familiar taste of home. We, then, broaden our scope adding in an effective mix of brands that effectively address passenger demographics and drive commercial success.

SSP America’s mission is to deliver passion on a plate. From on-the-go millennials and adventurous snowbirds to business travelers and parents pushing strollers—we create memorable dining experiences for one and all. Quality food, efficiencies and design solutions don’t make satisfied customers—our people do. We deliver quality by focusing on employees. We hire the best and invest in our employees at every opportunity. Once aboard, our training is far more substantial than an orientation because a knowledgeable and well trained team is the best way to ensure happy and loyal customers.

Our sacrosanct responsibility to achieve operational excellence carries through to ensure every airport concept meets or exceeds the quality, customer service and management standards of their street-side counterparts or our internal standards. Meeting these goals requires the close collaboration between our corporate executive team, regional managers and our onsite teams who are committed to our airports’ success.
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