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Comment les retours sur la performance sont-ils communiqués aux employés de SSENSE?

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During weekly or biweekly one-on-ones.

There is barely any

Typically feedback is conveyed passive aggressively- there is a messaging system called slack with different channels, such as 'security' and 'personal styling. You use this channel to communicate with you colleagues, particularly between the downtown and head office. Personal styling is a department within customer service thats purpose is partially to aid customer service agents with the particulars of various items, yet when agents ask for advice on their slack channel, you often will get a snarky response like 'do you really need advice on that?'. I worked here for a while so I was not someone that was subjected to this, but I saw my colleagues humiliated for very valid questions. Another example is when it comes to notifying management of something like a schedule change or sick day; the email goes to a ton of people, so if you have anything confidential like an illness, your confidential health information will be spread to everyone, creating a stigma against you and causing your colleagues to treat you differently as a result.

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