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What should you wear to an interview at Sport Chek?

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  • You should wear a nice likkle blouse if you are a girl with nice pants and flats, not running shoes you gotta dress like better than casual, like dressy. If you're a guy wear dress pants and nice collared shirt. This is very important because it's their first impression... I was among the 7 selected out of 30 because my apperanace played a factor.

  • You would have to wear a uniform at sports cheke.

  • I believe in wearing sporty but nice! Since this is what Im selling! Good runners. Very clean & well groomed

  • Dress pants dress shirt

  • Dress pants shoes and dress shirt

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  • Casual. Good groming

  • Still need an appropriate casual outfit like slocks with coat to see that your a professional employee.

  • Be dressy casual

  • To an interview at sportchek, you should wear something that expresses the person you are in an appropriate way, for example; Jeans with no rips, and a blouse with clean sneakers.

  • Dress to impress always! Dress neatly, putting on your "sunday best'

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  1. What should you wear to an interview at Sport Chek?