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What is the interview process like?

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  • About 20 minutes long, pretty straight forward, had some questions about my resume, favourite sports, knowledge about sportchek, why I wanted to work there? Also some different questions like if I did not have instructions for a lego puzzle what would I do? Then a week later I recieved a call, and this process took about 3 weeks.

  • It wasn’t stressful at all. He first looked through my resume for a quick moment and then started to ask some questions. The questions the manager asked me was: “what skills do you have that will be useful to this job?” and also “why do you want the job?” After that he went through why they needed to hire people, and the job description. He then asked me what department I would want to work in and he then hired me on the spot. He gave me the “New Hire Information” sheet and I was to fill that out and bring it back to him later that week. The entire hiring process from start to finish was two weeks exactly.

  • It was very good and in depth

  • Seemed a bit silly. Was asked how often I work out at the gym (what I did specifically). They wanted to know what sports I played at that time. Even asked what musical instruments I played.

  • Short simple

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  • The interview for the position in the company seemed welcoming and relaxing, which was the opposite of the visual employee and department management styles exhibited on a day to day basis.

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  1. What is the interview process like?