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What are the hours for part time

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  • It depends on a variety of things like your availability, the time of the year (how busy it is), and how good of a worker you are. I know some people who get one 4h shift a week but there have been times where I've gotten 35+ in a week because I was free and the store was busy. Most managers I have heard give hours to those who they think deserve it.

  • Twice a month if you're in post secondary schooling or have any second job that they know of. About four times a week if you're in highschool.

  • You can either work one 4hr shift a week. Or up to 30 hours a week. They are not constant at all

  • 25 or 30 hours

  • Anywhere from 10-25 hours a week

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  1. What are the hours for part time