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What are some tips for doing well in the interview?

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  • Be friendly and confident. They want to make sure they are hiring someone who is comfortable with interacting with customers who is positive and outgoing.

  • Just be yourself :) Be calm, cool and make sure you have a good knowledge about sports.

  • Answer the question at the best of my ability.

  • Being a team player! Friendly outgoing & upsell with an enthusiastic outlook! Especially Christmas gifts this time of yr! If u don’t know the answer be proactive & direct to the right department!

  • Relax. The interview process is carried out by amazing staff working for the company who make you feel relaxed and are honestly interested in you as a person.

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  • Emphasize your participation in a variety of sports and prove your commitment to a healthy active lifestyle.

  • Be youreself and confident

  • Just be yourself

  • Have a good attitude. be on time. dress to impress. and always be presents and pay attention.

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  1. What are some tips for doing well in the interview?