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Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Sport Chek?

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  • It took about 3 weeks first you apply online, then you wait for a call, I did not have a phone interview I applied and recieved a call 2 days after I applied online. I was asked if I would like an interview I accepted. I was a bit nervous about the interview but the manager was really chill. He told me that 30 others were applying and only 7 spots which was nerve wracking but it was ok :) Then a week later I recieved a call saying I got the job and can come in to sign the offer sheet.

  • For me I applied online and then exactly two weeks later I got called in for an interview.

  • Recently the company has taken a turn away from online applications and now applicants must bring in a resume and introduce themselves to a member of management within a SportChek location. The manager will ask a few quick questions in order to prioritize resumes and decide which department the applicant would be best suited for. If successful, the applicant will be called back for an interview with the acting manager of their department, and will be further contacted by phone if offered the position.

  • Online with sport, specifically hockey experience

  • With great customer service experience and great personality.

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  • With a great working attitude.

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  1. Combien de temps dure le processus de recrutement chez Sport Chek?