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Sport Chek - Profil

Sport Chek is Canada’s health and wellness destination for looking well, feeling well, and performing well. Our role is to help motivate Canadians to get moving and help them achieve their wellness goals. As Canada’s leading health and wellness destination, Sport Chek understands better than anyone the role sports and activity play in the lives of Canadians. – 

What We've Done

Former Canadian Heptathlete and runner Rachel McIntosh shares her passion for running and reflects on what it means to her to be able to run whenever she feels like it. Having been an active child and transitioning to competitive sport, McIntosh has dedicated her life to sport but running has always been the constant.

Why Us

We create exceptional opportunities for you to learn about and experience our products and active lifestyles. You will be encouraged to draw from your experiences to help customers find what they need to discover their own passion. We’ll support you as you grow and develop, finding the best place for you to thrive and connect with a community of like-minded individuals.

Our Culture

At Sport Chek, Your Better Starts Here. We hope these four simple words trigger a response in Canadians to realize how easy a life-change can be – and this mindset begins with our employees. As the largest national retailer of sporting goods, footwear and apparel in Canada, we’ve got the tools to get people moving on a path to wellness. Sport Chek believes that a healthy lifestyle can be adopted at any age, any level and within any activity. Along with colleagues across the Canadian Tire family of companies, you’ll be a part of a collaborative network of like-minded individuals who draw on their collective experience to best serve customers across all banners from coast-to-coast. We’re more than a sporting goods and apparel retailer. Sport Chek offers a plethora of opportunity. We’re committed to supporting the growth and development of each of our employees, as well as helping them become ambassadors of the healthy active lifestyle. Bring us your passion, positivity and become a part of the team. An ambassador for sport, you’re dedicated to inspiring and helping your community lead an active, healthy lifestyle.

Our Commitment