Speedy Transport Group Inc.
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What is the company culture at Speedy Transport Group Inc.?

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This company is very diverse. I know there is a LOT of favouritism in head office in Brampton. My manager in Windsor was outstanding! Very fair, cares about his employees, does everything to help. He should be promoted!

Certainly not social, Christmas pot luck was litterly laid out on the floor and desks and you had to be quiet. Zero Christmas cheer was forbidden.

Management gossips about everyone, does not care who hears because 9 people are untouchable so they can do as they please. Zero integrity in the CFO, she does not trust anyone. This is one company you will actually hear managers say write your passwords down. CFO gets furious if you forget or loose your password and you interrupt her. Most likely reaction will start with kissing teeth.
CPA professionals kissing their teeth at staff as a form of discontentment. Fear leadership, followed by threats.

There is no issue with the the culture at Speedy...they are very diverse.

Horrible work environment, worst management I've ever seen

No good environment.... lots of favoritism shown.
No formal training....people are related to each other either spouse or neice works there.

Very strict rules. Every employee have to punch in and out his time of work, like in the factory/labour works.

Not future but good for leaning in fast pace work .

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