Speedy Transport Group Inc.
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Si vous deviez quitter Speedy Transport Group Inc., quelle en serait la raison?

12 réponses

Management at London terminal is terrible. Basically he was sent to cut back on all the broker charges and driver's hours.

Lottery Win or better position.

I left because the work load I was expected to do on a daily basis I was not paid equally for. I loved the job itself but I have children to feed.

I was so excited to be part of this company. In less then 30 days so many little things started to happen and it made me question my own choices for taking this opportunity. With in my first 5 days in, co -workers were calling me and telling me a bunch of garbage about the prior manager. I was surrounded by toxic gossipy managers who did alot of blaming. Leadership is about transparency, integrity, trust, listening to everyone and being respectful to everyone including the janitor. What I saw was a lot of complaining, one manager told me she walked out 3 times.

Bullying is very real and because I'm not 7 or 8 or 13 or 14 anymore does not mean that I'm excluded from adult bullying. Again this goes back to effective leaders and transparency. I would never stand for bullying on my team, nor was bullying made aware during the interview.

now how do I face my bully? Who is also my boss!!!! In 20+ years I never experienced abuse of power as I seen here. Oh btw I went against the grain and hoped to help improve my team with some resources I have. Management did not like one member of the team and made sure she felt it.

CFO is miserable and karma will get her.

They Dont pay what your entitled to each week , as they will miss your days worth of work when it comes to pay day . Happens more often than not

Managers treat you like you're dumb
Small pay, lots of work.

Very disorganized

Long hours and little take home pay. You pay for everything ,including a company hat with their logo on it. Lol. Cheap company

The company expects you to work 10 12hrs a day,and weekends with very minimal training, and the manager is not helpful or friendly. and the pay is not good

If I get good work and my salary on time then i would not leave

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