Speedy Transport Group Inc.
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Quel aspect de travailler chez Speedy Transport Group Inc. est le plus stressant?

6 réponses

Only stressful part was head office. The work load was already out of control. And head office didn’t seem like they knew what they were doing. I’d have to change packages for drivers constantly! Sometimes 4-5 times before they finally made up their mind who they want to take a load.

Using the bathroom. I absolutely hope no important client comes in and see's the state of the bathrooms. Nasty

Biggest stressors had to do with hygiene. The female bathrooms look like a modern day war zone. Used tampons discarded on the floor. Beautiful visual, little concerned about sanitation and who is so resentful to be doing that kind of disgusting behaviour.

Seeing the CFO stupid face

Where do I start, every part is stressful. Management is the worst, you can’t take a day off unless you are at your own funeral

There wasnt really anything stressful for me at least

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