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Speech Pathways is a great company to work for and I can't imagine working anywhere else. If you are someone who is motivated, organized, has great time management skills and is knowledgeable about the field than you would most likely fit in well. As a private practitioner, you are responsible for maintaining weekly visits on your caseload as well as providing assessment and treatment at the office in Brampton or in the community at the client's home. The benefit of providing home service is that your client is more comfortable and is able to get down to work faster; thus, making more progress. Many of these clients stay on your caseload for a long period of time and you become almost part of their family.
Points positifs
Salary is dependent on your work ethic, variety in caseload, control over your schedule, no "designated" time for vacation, access to a large group of therapists to bounce ideas off of, regular meetings to provide continuing education opportunities
Points négatifs
Should be comfortable driving throughout the day in a variety of different weather, work independently in the community on a regular basis.
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