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Retention Specialist (Alberta)

le 27 avril 2024
Has a great environment, can not complain when working from home and has good bonus potential would recomend if you dont mind sitting at your desk all day and some rude customers.

Retention Specialist (Toronto, ON)

le 22 juin 2023
Don't ever work for them, the management is terrible, work is stressful, minimum wage but maximum work load. You will regret if you join them, I quit in 3 months.

Loyalty and Retention Specialist (Alberta)

le 10 juin 2023
I enjoyed the company The support is not really existent however from HR or management team. If support does provide a resolution that may be wrong, it still is held over your head since you are the one whom told the customer the resolution.

Retention Specialist (Toronto, ON)

le 29 novembre 2022
worked here as retention specialist. Easy work tough customers. Good learning experience for first job. For hiring they look for if you are a peoples person.

Retention Specialist (Winnipeg, MB)

le 19 juillet 2022
Great managers and incentive to do well for potential real bonuses at months end. The hours are guaranteed and everyone was very helpful and understanding in my experience. There's definite potential for advancement and growth in the company.
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