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Why did you leave your job at S&P Data?

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  • It was very stressful training. First of all, I was told that I don't need any new equipment or computer & that it would all be provided. Then after the 2nd day they said I needed a laptop ASAP in order to do training. I ran to the Best Buy at the last minute after work to buy one. The training was too quick; too many things to learn in a short period of time & extra hours out of work hours reading & doing exercises you needed to pass in order to do the job. I was struggling. If you understood everything, great, if not, too bad. All my questions on Zoom were not answered and that's when I felt I was going behind in learning. You're on your own. Even though training was at home, by the 4th day I was burned out with a serious stomach pain and migraine. It was just was a whole lot to absorb in a small period of time and it sounded like it would be a challenge to get people to stay on the mobile plan even if you knew all the incentives you could offer them to stay. Too many things to learn to do the job & that's if you are successful in retaining the customer. Too little pay for that kind of stress too. I politely quit before I got sick. I requested them to let me know of any other Administrative positions in the company not related to sales, but I did not get a reply back.

  • I was promised over and over and over again that I would be moving higher in the ranks at my location, after working there for nearly two years, and going above and beyond my pay grade, only to realize I was being used by management to do their dirty work such as manager call backs and supervisor calls.

  • S And P data didn’t give me a chance and the training was too quick. Half the tine u ask questions and they don’t give u answers to the questions. Certain people won’t give u added training. My experience is outbound calls not inbound and did they ask u no. I’ve complained to management and the Ceo as well

  • Medical reasons

  • HR Management, and the floor support ignores the site manager and does their own thing. Absolutely no support for employees.

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  • I have a medical issue that causes me to use the bathroom every 30 minutes (2 minutes or so) they threatened to fire me because you are not allowed to use the bathroom outside breaks (illegal much?) I said I had a medical note and would bring it in and they said that is fine but even with the medical note I would not recieve any of my bonuses and I would lose pay for everytime I went to the washroom for a MEDICAL ISSUE I CANNOT CONTROL. horrible place.
    I also was on the work until 1:30am shift for five months. Was told we would only be on it for a month at the maximum and the new trainees would take that shift over, never happened. I take the bus therefore could not work nights, I would end up having to cab home and lose a bunch of pay or walk home at 2am as a young girl more than an hour, I out in multiple requests and complaints and they told me to quit basically. In the interview I specifically said I take the bus and cannot work nights. The interviewer said not a problem we can work around that. She lied.

  • I was treated with little to no respect from the TL, I started working there a month ago and had to resigned that quickly, we got little to no TL help when we're on the phone, the TL would be sitting next to you with your cup up and they ignore you but yet said you should meet certain qualification in order to graduate from retention.
    I had my shift changed as was told and permitted by the manager due to the reason that I am unable to do a night shift, after speaking to the guy who approved the change of my schedule, I was badly disrespected by the TL in Hamilton, whom told me that I should not got my schedule changed and if I'm unable to stood up to the current schedule this job is not for me, etc...

    Spoke to manager who previously approved the schedule change and afterwards she revoked it, but nevertheless it's not worth it.....

  • Terrible place to work... management disorganized and they have little regard for their employees

  • Got tired of being told one thing and they do another. They don’t care that customers yell and scream at you. And if you don’t go by a script after 3 times of being spoken to your fired? Like seriously. When you get hired they say there is very little sales mostly just helping the customer but in reality it was push push push for sales. I got tired of listening to it and left.

  • I was fired 2 weeks in after 1 day of "training". They basically spent a day telling myself and the other new trainee not to sexually harass people and dress code standards. The people who regularly work there slacked off with their hours so they used me, someone who needed food on the table, to work all the hours and get all the sales that they didn't. At the end of the month once all their hours were caught up at my expense, I got fired from my first ever full time job. No proper training. AT ALL. They are DESPERATE for people to apply but dont care about us at all. They threw me out like waste after being so desperate.

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