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  • Don’t do it.

  • Be able to handle stress, be empathetic with customers, and have knowledge of how to navigate computer systems. This is a face paced environment and things often change

  • If your in the toronto / Hamilton region you're fine, i heard the employees and managers are good there. anywhere else you're most likely at risk to have the company close down. Good luck

  • Well, not really relevant since there are having a lay off right now.

  • Don't go. I worked there for almost three years.
    Always top three in the sales for my contract.

    Too much favoritism.

    No bonus or commission unless a favorite.

    No support.

    Insufficient information given to agents daily as things on the contract change.

    They lie to you constantly. The entire sales team for this contract was told be patient I sales some changes are coming you are going to love.

    Two weeks later they started laying people off until out of probably 30 on the contract 7 were left when they finally admitted the contract was going to another city.

    Not put on other contracts, let go. Go to work. Work for about 3 hours, get called into the office to be laid off and literally walked to your car. You aren't even permitted to go and get your belongings. They are brought to you.

    Meanwhile this ad is still up. When the laid off agents asked they were told "oh we just haven't taken that down." Yet, here it is.

    If you just want money and don't need any security go for it but if you do, don't.

  • Be honest about your situation

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