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2,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Emploi d'apparence intéressante, mais sans plus en réalité.

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Étant gérante de magasin, l'entreprise ne donne pas suffisamment de formation à ces gérant(es) de magasin. -Le salaire de base n'est pas super, même avec la commission il faut faire bcp d'heures supplémentaire pour que ça soit rentable comparativement à d'autres emplois de gérant de magasin. -Il faut faire plus de 3 fermetures par semaine ainsi qu'être présent à chaque vendredi et samedi sans exception. -La charge de travail versus le salaire n'est pas proportionnel. Il faut traiter toutes les commandes en lignes, les commandes pour le magasin ainsi que les clients en boutique. -Le point le plus difficile est que les supérieurs s'attendent à la perfection, malgré les facteurs de manque d'employés et disponibilités de ceux-ci. Donc, le gestionnaire prend sur ces épaules la pression inutile face à des choses qu'il n'a aucun pouvoir dessus. -Peu de pause, seulement un 30 minutes payés pour un quart de travail de 8 heures, il n'accepte pas les 15 minutes. Selon eux, c'est du temps perdu. -Les gérants de districts sont humains et font leur possible pour nous aider malgré la distance à laquelle ils se trouvent par rapport à notre magasin.

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Rabais employés, possibilité d'avancement

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Manque de formations, salaire, pauses, disponibilités
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Horrible Work Environment

In my time working at Softmoc, approximately a year and a half, we had six or seven different managers and over ten assistant managers. I was in high school and was constantly made to feel guilty that I couldn't leave school to work instead (which I was asked to do MULTIPLE times). My job was threatened when I said I couldn't work two days on the weekend because I "didn't have enough availability" even though they knew my availability when they hired me. On several occasions I walked in on the manager and district manager talking horribly about myself or another employee. I would NEVER recommend someone work at Softmoc. I won't even shop there. The employees are treated like garbage and the management do nothing but sit in the back and watch netflix.
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Too much responsibility for little pay

It was fun at first. The store manager was fine, and the overall staff was amazing. However, there were too many call ins, the assistant manager also called in quite a bit. With it being understaffed, it got hectic. Constantly had to cover shifts. You had to pick up the slack for such little pay.

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Points négatifs

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Worst company to work for.

This company is not fair. Pay rate is $13.75 plus 1% commission. They don't care about there employees. The quote "your just a part timmer". I had to get a second job because Softmoc wouldn't give me better pay and sustainable hours. Then management is forever leaving the store to visit or shop in the mall.

Points négatifs

Not appreciated
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It's a okay if you want to chill and stand all day

It's alright don't expect to learn or do much job is for people who don't want to do anything but stand and yawn all day I literally played games and had phone calls to pass the time because there was nothing to do.
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Good for now

This job bare minimum is just ok . company does not care to much for employees and safety is not there first concern . If someone gets hurt on the job I know why ...
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Don’t work here

Horrible manager who never recognized the work I put in for 9 months working here I do not recommend anyone come and work here as they have their favorites
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good place

very fun coworkers and great management only problem is customers because they are ruthless. Customers don’t understand that we don’t get paid enough to walk around finding where you put things.
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Easy , stimulating, good

Good place to work. Depends on store you work at. If you work hard you will have no problems working here. Team environment. Only thing that could be better is pay.
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Worst company ever

I work for this company for eight months as a manager, and it was the worst company I have ever worked, for I never once felt supported by higher up when I went to them with a problem, I was rushed off and told to figure it out

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Was made to think that my life revolved around that job
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Alright experience , depends on the location

Was alright , as any retail jobThough management tends to keep you uplifted its when corporate gets involved when things get stressful as there isn't much support other than offering free lunches from time to time.Hours are dependent on foot traffic
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Great place to work

In my experience SoftMoc has been a great place to work. Yeah, it’s like any other retail customers with some bad interactions with customers but you will get that anywhere working customer service. Overall as far as retail jobs go SoftMoc has been my favourite and I genuinely enjoy coming into work which is something I haven’t experienced before

Points positifs

Employee discount, flexible scheduling
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No work life balance

Upper Management doesn't value the employees what so ever, not supportive in terms of training or assistance with any issues that arise. Store location I worked at was constantly over stocked which was a constant safety hazard. Absolutely no work life balance in a store manager position, impossible to get an occasional Friday or Saturday off. Once was asked if I could stay and work while I was physically sick and throwing up.
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Great place to work at!

For management positions you get a great salary to start & great benefits after only 3 months, discounts for friends and family as well as yourself, with many paid days off, work environment is super friendly, can be very busy, or pretty slow depending the season.. Overall one of my most favourite jobs ive had to this day!
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aweful work environment

its a great starting company for customer service but the job and work environment is UNPROFESSIONAL worked many 12 hour days in a row while being in school, left at the end of july 2022 never recieved vacation pay or R.O.E had no social life from working at softmoc i do not recommend working for a company that treats their staff and ex-employees like they are nothing.
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Good Job but difficult since Covid.

The job itself is enjoyable and managers are paid well. The ability to have a a proper balance between work and your personal life is extremely difficult if you are a store manager.

Points positifs

Discount on shoes

Points négatifs

Overworked employees
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Awesome Team Environment

Great Team based outlook on getting things done. Very collaborative and inclusive structure.Motivated hard workers are able to grow and advance quickly.Good at what you do? …. Work with SoftMoc!
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Great company

Amazing company to work for. Respectful environment, amazing management team, understanding of work and personal life, great benefits and room for growth.
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very rude customers, not enough pay. I would definitely not recommend working here at all. its fine if your just looking for customer service experience
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Plenty of room for advancement

Spent most of my adult life working for SoftMoc. Moved up in the company. Really enjoying my time here. Plenty of support from my peers and a good culture.

Points positifs

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Great team, poor upper management

Just save yourself the time and don't do it. lol. The store teams may be great, but the company as a whole not very supportive or communicative. I would have stayed if it wasn't for upper management. the crew I worked with, worked hard and efficiently. Always tons of work of sorting boxes out and skuing everything, online orders, floor sales, transfers. It's a lot of work for very little pay.
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