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Les journées passent très vite. Les clients sont presque toujours contents de nous voir arriver. Il y a chez Sobey's les meilleurs formateurs de l'industrie. Si vous avez des difficultés, ils vont vous aider. Le plus difficile est la période de probation. Vous ne pouvez vous permettre aucune erreur. C'est stressant mais faisable. Malheureusement pour moi, je n'ai pas réussi et j'en suis bien triste parce que c'est le meilleur emploi pour lequel j'ai eu la chance de postuler.

Points positifs

Cafétéria avec repas chaud, fruits gratuits.

Points négatifs

Pas de camions attitrés.
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Ok not great low pay. Company will not give you full time and minimum wage. Expectation to be open schedule though very little hours provided can’t live with paycheck
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Great starting place to work. Worked through high school and I had a wonderful experience. Management was great and staff was too. Gave me lots of experience
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Good people

Good work environment, flexible hours. People really seemed to care about you and your aspirations to move up in the company if you wanted to. Would recommend
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Productive and fun

Great place to work. Flexible schedule. Ideal for a part time job.Money is good. Great place to learn how to work when starting out. I would recommend if looking for a starting career
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Very chill, relaxed working environment

Probably the best retail pharmacy job for a new graduate. Workload is much lower compared to most retail companies and pay is competitive. Relief is a pretty good gig through them. Competitive pay, benefits, pension matching. Great company.
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Pas motivant

Atmosphère froide...Culture d'entreprise inexistante. La plupart des employés ne semblent pas tellement heureux d'y travailler. Beaucoup de chialage pour rien dire. Tâches répétitives. Aucune flexibilité. Limite infantilisant sur plusieurs plans. Intégration assez difficile et toujours une pointe de racisme à l'horizon. Bref, c'est un coup de dé. Pour ma part, je passe.
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Don't go

You going wish you never went there to work...simple....let just say there fired an hired the same day ...what is there to talk bout soome of the staff may help out sometimes but the managers take pride in sending you home

Points positifs

Discount at stores

Points négatifs

Long hours hard work
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A company that doesn't care about their employees

It's a kiss a** company, if you have friends in higher positions you will be able to move up. It's seems as though the only ones moving up are all friends. They treat the good employees awful and the ones who don't do the job correct are praised. If you like being taking advantage of or know how to kiss a** then apply.
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Good job and workplace culture

Good job, can't complain. Management is understanding. Culture of the company is the most important thing for me and brought me to a good day. Continue to shop local
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Productive and fun to work with everyone

What is the best part of working at the company?Very good company to work for. Care about their employees. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Depending on what the issue was for the stress.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Both are very important and usually work well with each other.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Busy and fun. When I worked there.
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Waste of time...

After 7 years of service, the last 4 years we got no races or any increments on our wages, then 1 dollar...after 4 years, they've taken all the perks away (8 hrs guaranteed, ...and other's) no communication whatsoever...They just change their pay and policies and you will find out down the road...I had to go, I couldn't stand the greed ...of managers and corporate...

Points positifs

If you are lazy, great work environment you'll sit all day and they will send you home early with no pay.

Points négatifs

Nobody gives a damm about anything...
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A Truly Terrible Company

Great people might work there, but the company is awful. They treat their employees terribly. They have removed as much wages, benefits, or any other thing that could allow a person to work their and have any sort of life. These companies are a plague on society. They price gouge customers, while exploiting employees. They are so greedy that they have managed to destroy the entire industry, inside and out.

Points positifs

If you work there, you are saving some other poor soul from having a terrible job.

Points négatifs

You will be paid terrible wage, overworked, no discounts, no employee appreciation regardless of however long your work for them.
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It wask okay

Working here was a good experience for awhile, serving customers were the best part by far but closing shifts were extremely stressful for me. Management was pretty nice
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Productive and enjoyable work environment

Great work-life balance. Standard pay. There are opportunities for advancement if you connect with the right people. Most of the staff there are really nice.

Points positifs

Events from vendors, sometimes free goodies

Points négatifs

Standard pay
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Great place

Love working here ex cellent as always, recommend this store 100%. Fast dispatch, fast delivery and fair prices. Love getting my favourite sucuk (efepaşa) from you guys, there are no stores near me that sell it unfortunately, so I’m so thankful for your store. 😊 P.S waiting for you to get more limonata uludag in! 🤤
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fun place to work

very helpful staff, good place to work as a part-time job. lots of hours to work and employee discounts helps. Pay is not good compared with industry pay
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Productive , team work is required.

The most enjoyable part of the job is serving the customers.Hardest part of the job is shift work.Work / life balance for part-time employees is challenging.

Points positifs

Learning new things !

Points négatifs

Shift work
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It was fine until I was dictated to on how I was supposed to identify with people.

What is the best part of working at the company?I enjoyed my time there until my employment was terminated because I refused to use pronouns. I preferred calling a staff member by the name they preferred but that wasn’t enough for my manager. so my assistant manager position was terminated.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?There was none. I enjoyed my time there.The staff were all great to work with. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It was okay. The staff were great.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Always interacting with the public was always nice.
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Awful management, high stress for minimum wage

This place has a ""work culture"" like theyyre the Ritz and they're paying you oodles of money to go above and beyond when in reality they're a grocery store paying minimum wage. This is a job that does not understand that it is a job and expects you to treat "the business" as if you personally own it even when you incur issues with God awful management that gets WILDLY preferential treatment over everyone else regardless of their job performance.If you want a job with the most condescending and dismissive management you'll ever meet who will not in any way listen to your concerns or worse, blame YOU for them then work here. It's at least keeps you busy while you're there but the stress this job caused due to poor management was not in any way worth the time or effort. And the company culture is wildly out of touch and haughty given the minimum wage jobs they're offering.

Points positifs

Busy job with lots to do

Points négatifs

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Well organized, great community

Loved working here, schedule always put out well in advance and they work around your schedule. Lots of hours if you want them. Great teamwork, everyone gets along well there.
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