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Les journées passent très vite. Les clients sont presque toujours contents de nous voir arriver. Il y a chez Sobey's les meilleurs formateurs de l'industrie. Si vous avez des difficultés, ils vont vous aider. Le plus difficile est la période de probation. Vous ne pouvez vous permettre aucune erreur. C'est stressant mais faisable. Malheureusement pour moi, je n'ai pas réussi et j'en suis bien triste parce que c'est le meilleur emploi pour lequel j'ai eu la chance de postuler.

Points positifs

Cafétéria avec repas chaud, fruits gratuits.

Points négatifs

Pas de camions attitrés.
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Fun workplace

Good company, pay increments are not much, if there was less micro management that would have been good. Overall it is okay just the union is useless.
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Type de gestion complètement désuète par rapport au marché

Peu, voir pas d'intégration à votre arrivée. Atmosphère frette frette frette! Tu te fais engager pour un poste mais on te forme un peu sur n'importe quoi sous prétexte que les employés doivent être "polyvalents". Si vous considérez appliquer sur un poste, bien vouloir analyser la proposition À LA LETTRE. N'ayez pas peur de demander en quoi consiste les fameuses "tâches connexes". Ceux qui sont là depuis longtemps ont visiblement hâte d'être à la retraite et il semble y avoir un gros roulement de personnel au niveau des plus jeunes...Ça prendrait assurément des RH à l'interne pour remettre un peu d'ordre.
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Different spaces are different places

I work for a Sobeys Liquor. I've worked at all the ones within Saskatchewan and a few in Alberta. Each location is very different, but I've always gotten the same vibe. You show up either working an entire day filling shevels or be a cashier. There is ways to move up, but no system dedicated to it. I wasn't really a big drinker, but I've learned a lot about the products just from working and banter with customers. A great job if your interested in expanding knowledge or getting started in workforce.
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Good ,informative,supportive, focused.

What is the best part of working at the company?Training and support . The safety of employees is the company's main goal. Facilities for employees are very good.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?You have to keep your performance upto date..What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very convenient and healthy. Working in the company was very good experience.. they help you to get yourself trained.What is a typical day like for you at the company?There was no such experience for me in the company.
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Overall it's fun

What is the best part of working at the company?Having awesome team mates around to help and make your day betterWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Managers. Some are amazing while others have absolutely no clue as to what you may be doing in your job and they think you aren't doing enough for themWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?They pride themselves in hiring all cultures,genders whatever. No discrimination what so ever and it makes it fun to learn about other cultures as wellWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Busy but fun. There's always pressure to get your job done but customer service is number one
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conflits perpétuels

Tres bonnes conditions de travail grace au travail syndical effectué dans le passé. Enormrment d'irritants au quotidien, la direction essaye systematiquement de contourner les regles de la convention collective et le syndicat est très faible et peut rarement s'imposer. Une culture d'entreprise tres malsaine où les patrons et employés sont en constante opposition. Une ambiance de travail malgré tout tres relaxe mais un lieu de travail ou la mentalité fait en sorte qu'il est difficile de s'épanouir.
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Loyalty means nothing to them

What is the best part of working at the company?The friends I made over the years! FinanceWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Everything!! Tight deadlines, and being micro managed What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Negative environmentStaff is treated like slavesMicromanagedWhat is a typical day like for you at the company?Finance was always busyMonthly deadlines
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Solid team

A supportive team of supervisors and managers generally. Some issues with consistency when applying company policy. Work load varies day to day. Overall is a good place to work if you bring a positive attitude.
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Productive and fun work place

It’s a great job, very easy going management. I feel as an equal toward everyone else where as I’m one of the newest recruits in our department. All my co workers have great sense of humours which makes the day go by much faster we all get along like friends !

Points positifs

Great management!

Points négatifs

Not enough discipline
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Chill place for the most part

•good people there•co-workers were pretty cool but most of them probably left by now•management was pretty good but was better in the beginning•customers were mostly pleasant
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Nice people, but no chance for a career

I worked here for 14 years and worked 40 hours a week. I was even responsible for the Dairy Department for a few years. Even after all that, they wouldn't classify me as a full time employee. Probably so they wouldn't have to give me benefits. They are cheap as frick.If you're looking for part time work and you don't mind shifts that are all over the map then this is a great place to work.
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Great starting point for students

If you are able to receive training in multiple departments, you will have many opportunities to pick up a ton of shifts. Great for students, who need extra shifts and scheduling is flexible.
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Culture is declining due to poor management

I have worked at Sobeys for nearly 8 years. When I started, it was a great place to work with a really nice culture. In the last few years the culture has changed for the worse. Salaries are below industry standard and they try to gaslight employees by limiting how much of an increase you can get when changing positions, and discouraging any discussion or disclosure of what specific jobs pay. Despite the motto "we're a family nurturing families," they are very happy to lay off long-term employees and replace them with junior people who will work for less. RTO has been badly mishandled, with threats and warnings being the tool of choice. Recently, we were told to make sure we swipe our keycards when entering the building, because our attendance at the office is being monitored. Instead of monitoring quality and volume of work (and we are all expected to do more as people leave), they monitor physical attendance and threaten to fire people who don't show up 3 days a week.Many good people have left, so many so that I believe the RTO is a way of reducing headcount. It is difficult to accomplish goals when there is so much staff turnover, and the new people being hired do not have the same skill level and experience as the employees forced out. Added to that, I don't take the same pride in working for Sobeys as I used to. When I started, I felt it was a decent, family company. Now it is run by a corporate board (making big salaries) and common decency is sadly lacking. Workers at the Vaughan warehouse have been on strike for months, after they were offered raises of 20 cents - 

Points positifs

A good place to get a start if you are willing to accept long hours and a lower than average salary

Points négatifs

Poor management
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Decent place to work, but under pays for the level of expectation.

For companies like Sobeys that stand to make billions in profits. They shouldn’t be offering minimum wages in any role. A truly progressive company that cared about its employees, understands that a livable wage would be more appropriate given the current economic climate.
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Belles installations et outils de travail mis à jour , mais manque d'humanisme au niveau de certains membres du staff dirigeant

Très déçu , promesses fallacieuses et désillusion vers la fin de la période probatoire. Ils font une rotation de temporaires, pour ne pas à avoir à embaucher

Points positifs

Café gratuit
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Busy yet efficient work place. Problem solving is key to the enterprise.

What is the best part of working at the company?Sense of teamwork. Focus on customer service.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Miscommunication and lack of connection with upper management.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Generally Fair energetic and efficient.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Positive busy work environment.
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Fun place

Nice place to work at I loved it as a student , learned a ton of new things and skills to put to my career I suggest this as a student job no other way
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Sophisticated work responsibilities, poor structure and management

Sobeys is what I would consider to be a higher end retail job. You do have a good amount of responsibility in your role, however this is severely limited by a management style that pushes you to your limit while underpaying you. This seems to be the trend in most retail companies, so will give Sobeys it's due for not being the worst out there. You are either lucky enough to be around co-workers who are nice, or unlucky enough to be with those who aren't. However, my biggest gripe would be the improper work schedules. You are almost never guaranteed hours according to your part time status, and even full time workers sometimes have cuts to their work schedules. A part timer must work half the amount of a full timer or have the freedom to specify exact days and times, otherwise just don't hire them! In this economy people need to have at-least two jobs in order to sustain themselves, when operating on a minimum wage salary. Sobeys is not free of this retail chain trend where they need you to have almost full time availability yet they will not give you sufficient work hours, and should you cut down your availability to match, they might say there aren't enough hours for those days in a particular work week. This brings me to my next point; the management. I understand that in this economy, prices are high because of inflation and as such businesses need to cut costs to stay afloat. That has nothing to do with giving us proper pay however. There has to be a structure to undercutting work hours, so that the store output and worker compensation are just at the right - 

Points positifs

Ample responsibilities, friendly staff, good breaks

Points négatifs

Poor pay structure, bad work hour management, unbalanced ratio for production output:time/pay
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Bad leadership

Customer service at Sobeys in Woodstock was disappointing, and the store lacked organization and cleanliness. "I recently experienced a lack of leadership at Sobey's, leading to confusion and inefficiency. The absence of clear direction impacted the overall customer experience and left me dissatisfied."

Points positifs


Points négatifs

$16 for full time
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Could Use Additional Staff

Great managers and friendly staff. But there is a lot of work to be done by too little amount of people. Efficiency and accuracy would definitely improve with at least an additional person.
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