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Les journées passent très vite. Les clients sont presque toujours contents de nous voir arriver. Il y a chez Sobey's les meilleurs formateurs de l'industrie. Si vous avez des difficultés, ils vont vous aider. Le plus difficile est la période de probation. Vous ne pouvez vous permettre aucune erreur. C'est stressant mais faisable. Malheureusement pour moi, je n'ai pas réussi et j'en suis bien triste parce que c'est le meilleur emploi pour lequel j'ai eu la chance de postuler.

Points positifs

Cafétéria avec repas chaud, fruits gratuits.

Points négatifs

Pas de camions attitrés.
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Great first time job, not great long term

I worked at Sobeys for almost 12 years. I started as a courtesy clerk then a cashier and then moved into Customer Service. I learned many skills and interacted with a variety of people. Management was hit or miss throughout the years, particularly worse in my last few years, but if you come to work and do your job it isn't too bad. Things can get monotonous over time doing the same thing and after a while you will need a new challenge if you want to be stimulated at work. If you enjoy the customer interactions, it is the place for you.
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Great workplace overall

Aswesome job!! Face paced but freindly staff and flexible hours. Great place to learn, great first job for people. Always things to do and never bored at work
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Great first job

Good job for a teen to work well in high school and continue working with the company and move your way up or use it as a stepping stone.

Points positifs

Good pay and bonuses yearly after 2 years

Points négatifs

Days off might not be together and often on separate days
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Great first job

Working at Sobeys gave me plenty of valuable experience in a customer service role. The managers were helpful and it was overall a fun and safe place to work
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Best job I've ever had as a student

In the deli you open regularly and it's pretty calm the entire day and a bit more busy in the evenings. You mostly just slide meet and cheese. The manager was great considering we were all teenagers at the time. Hardest part of the job was how bored you'd get when it wasn't busy. The best part is it's the same thing every day, nobody's screaming in your face, the hours are short great for students.

Points positifs

Student friendly

Points négatifs

Cuts hours
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Low energy and work ethic due to poorly managed departments and store managers

Management is biggest issue. Love my co workers but when it comes to the actual job and higher up staff, it is less than ideal. Overwork all the staff until they want to quit.

Points positifs

Good high school job

Points négatifs

Poorly managed, unpaid lunches, strict schedules
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Good place for part-time work, Good Work Culture and Benefit

The job was easy but I don't get much hours because all of the full-time people got the hours, usually i get like 8-12 hours per week. As continue to show effort, I got about 15-24 hours now.
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Less pay for more work

They allow you to take on rolls such as managing so that you have the work experience and skills but refuse to pay you more for the extra work. Fun work environment for the most part however, everyone will end up knowing your business. Lots of drama.
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Fun workplace

Great place to work, especially for high school students looking for their first job. Very social atmosphere! Felt very supported by the staff members. They are very stingy on the breaks, 15 minutes is 15 minutes.
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Management went out of their way to warn us not to talk to anyone attempting to form a union. Employee guidelines applied to employees outside their shifts.
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The culture was great and Supervisors communicated well.

What is the best part of working at the company?The environment is good. The people are nice.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?It can get busy. Customers can get impatient.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It is peaceful. The staff are friendly.What is a typical day like for you at the company?I worked as a Front End Cashier, often wiped surfaces and helped customers. Some days I pushed carts and swept the employee area.
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Repetitive work & not very good pay for student. Inconsistent hours because to many part time staff. No janitors they make their staff clean the bathrooms (public & staff) 3 times a day. No cart machine to assist either
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Avoid working here

It’s not good here. Managers will do whatever they can to please the customer, even if it means going against store policy and making employees look bad
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no hours, management is all over the place

Was hired full-time, and the length of my shifts kept getting cut down but I was still expected to do the same volume of work in a third of the time, went from a minimum of five days a week to two, never knew who the manager was as there was constant department hopping, everyone was always angry or gossiping all of the time

Points positifs

it had a paycheck

Points négatifs

unrealistic expectations
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Friendly staff

I mean, It’s just a regular cashier job! Nothing really exciting to expect! The managers and the staff made the work environment really really pleasant!
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Productive workplace

Staff is friendly, good working environment. Hours are flexible and managers take the time to ensure you are comfortable and have the knowledge you need
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Fun place and good skills

Management treats you well and training is quick and easy. Good place to work and gain basic kitchen skills for day to day life. Coworkers treat you as equals and are willing to help at any point
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Like Family

An amazing place to work, started from the bottom and worked my way up to management. My bosses believe in building up their staff and showing their appreciation for hard work and dedication. They have created an environment where everyone is heard and valued.
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If you get hurt as an order packer, they automatically place you on night shift when the main reason I took the job was for the 3pm - 11pm schedule that was never supposed to change. What a sham.

Points positifs

When they fed us something special. Grapes available during training.

Points négatifs

heavyhanded severance to shut me up
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Great place to work have a great time. Fast paced but rewarding work. Would recommend to anyone currently looking for a job. Hope to see you soon.
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