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Produce Clerk214 avis
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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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perfect for a student

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being produce is fairly easy and really depends on how your manager and co-workers get along with each other. Work is pretty easy you're only stocking and unloading, would reccommend but dont expect to get much hours.
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Great workplace overall

Aswesome job!! Face paced but freindly staff and flexible hours. Great place to learn, great first job for people. Always things to do and never bored at work
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Management went out of their way to warn us not to talk to anyone attempting to form a union. Employee guidelines applied to employees outside their shifts.
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Productive and fun work place

It’s a great job, very easy going management. I feel as an equal toward everyone else where as I’m one of the newest recruits in our department. All my co workers have great sense of humours which makes the day go by much faster we all get along like friends !

Points positifs

Great management!

Points négatifs

Not enough discipline
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Decent place to work, but under pays for the level of expectation.

For companies like Sobeys that stand to make billions in profits. They shouldn’t be offering minimum wages in any role. A truly progressive company that cared about its employees, understands that a livable wage would be more appropriate given the current economic climate.
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Ok not great low pay. Company will not give you full time and minimum wage. Expectation to be open schedule though very little hours provided can’t live with paycheck
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Nice place to work

Good first job and good way to gain some experience. Management is nice and no real complaints other than the work can be repetitive, but that's how it is at pretty much any grocery store.
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Unionized and always busy

What is the best part of working at the company?I enjoy working as a clerk at Sobeys Kincardine because the environment is comfortable, coworkers are supportive, and this Sobeys is unionized by Unifor Local 414 which means greater employee advocation and fair rights and responsibilities. I would recommend this position for those seeking fair wages and job security.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Sometimes things don't go as planned or get extra busy so you need to be able to go with the flow and not become flustered. The second challenge is to develop a sense of efficiency on your own because the training here is not as good as other places.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Feels like family the longer you work here. If you are passionate about your position, that gets noticed and appreciated by management.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Before starting a shift, I put away my lunch in the lunch room. Then I punch into the punch clock and begin removing fruits and vegetables that are no longer fresh. Next is weighing and tallying the discarded produce and entering the data into inventory with a scanner. The rest of the shift is spend unpacking the new order and filling shelves first with overstock and then with new stock. Frequent hand washing and regular use of pallet jacks is expected. Close to the end of each shift, some light cleaning is done, followed by a walk around to ensure no shelves were missed during stocking.
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Good first job. Flexible hours, co workers were enjoyable to work with. Management could have been better, there was a lot of favoritism and this made things less enjoyable
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Great place to work

Great learning opportunities if you're interested in developing yourself. Processes are very standardized which allows you to succeed at your role each shift.
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Good enough

It's a jobYou get paidIt's a corporation who is concerned mainly with its own profitsYou will get a 10 cent raise once a yearHours are pretty flexible which is goodEnjoy working with coworkersCustomers can be both amazing and entitled
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toxic, no communication, lack of respect

the same thing everyday. expected to put up with verbal abuse from customers. expected to have full time availability for part time hours. management feels superior and disrespects everyone below them frequently. schedules aren’t posted online or on time, it’s your responsibility to keep up with them if there is revisions. hours are extremely inconsistent and expectations vary heavily. frequently understaffed. staff is gossipy and toxic

Points positifs


Points négatifs

inconsistent, little room for advancement
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Management egos and phantom raises

Job itself is alright. Incompetent store management with big ego. Raises mean nothing since they don't carry through minimum wage increases every year. Top rate hasn't changed in 16 years, so expect a meaningful change when minimum wage goes up. Hired on at minimum wage. Lots of expectations. Benefits good but could be better.
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clean, bright, organized

What is the best part of working at the company?good high school student job..What is the most stressful part about working at the company?-one negative was the shift schedule was only done a week in advanceWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Found it professional but fun at the same time. High school students dont really think about company culture.
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Great first job

It was good for a first job it teaches the responsibility of work and time management however most employees that come and go are younger and are less likely to stay with the company for long
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Good place to start

Slow paced eveningsStacking and greeting customersNeed to be able to lift heavy itemsUsually working on your own, little supervision Keep a tidy working environment
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It is a good place to work . Nice friendly co workers and supportive managers

Produce department is always busy and challenging. It's fast paced to ensure everything is full on the floor. Co workers and managers are supportive . Starting wages are minimum but increases with time .
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The people are not very friendly & sticklers for rules

I have learned how a big business runs. Most enjoyable is talking with your department coworkers taking product out like fruits & vegetables, greeting customers & helping them find what they need.
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Mixed Positivity

Management was not great in most departments, a good amount of positive coworkers. They respect your breaks and give you proper training. The only big complaint I have is the music. If you work there for 2+ years be prepared to listen to the same tracks over and over.
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Liked my coworkers, hated the environment.

This job wasn't a good fit for me to begin with, but it didn't seem like it is for a lot of people. Management doesn't care about the staff, the store manager at the time I was there watched people on the cameras and did everything he could to keep people from getting over time pay. He once called me, "Good Girl." Most departments work on a skeleton crew, if someone leaves they may not be replaced. Hours fluctuate from too few to way too much.

Points positifs

Free uniforms

Points négatifs

Bad hours, abysmal pay, bad management
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Co- workers don't get their jobs done yet still have jobs and management does nothing about it but put larger work loads on the few who work
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Produce Clerk chez Sobeys

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