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Grocery Associate200 avis
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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It’s a job

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It’s a job nothing special hours are great pay sucks some of the employees work really hard but get nothing in return not even a thank I but other don’t do anything and get all the praise
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People and a variety of experiences, make it a intriguing day!

What is the best part of working at the company?The variety of department workings, and customer service. They work for the best dals for consumers.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Working with an unrealistic boss.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Team work is number 1 and a variety of people (with disabilities, cultures and ethics) are given a chance.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Service and accuracy. All areas of departments require daily standards that are to be met along with providing customer service.
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Good place for part-time work, Good Work Culture and Benefit

The job was easy but I don't get much hours because all of the full-time people got the hours, usually i get like 8-12 hours per week. As continue to show effort, I got about 15-24 hours now.
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Productive workplace

Staff is friendly, good working environment. Hours are flexible and managers take the time to ensure you are comfortable and have the knowledge you need
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Great Part Time Job

A great part time job to have while working through school, a good job particularly for people who don’t want to do much talking and get right to work.
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Management massive ego

Management will judge you on what there told by unreliable employees.I've seen management love the most useless employees and hate the hardest working employees solely based on what they're told.To simplifie that, management hears what they want to hear.If they want to like you, they will.If they want you to fail, you will.Regardless of the Circumstances.Don't think, I'll just work hard and everything will be okay. It's not 1975, it doesn't work like that anymore. At least not at sobeys.

Points positifs

Payed vacation

Points négatifs

If they don't like you, you can be the hardest worker, it's doesn't matter
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Great work environment

Healthy work environment with great managers and staff. Managers were super understanding and empathic and lead by example which is a huge plus. Definitely a good place for experience.
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Its a job not a career

Its a job to pay the bills till you figure out a career Everyday would be different, and have its own unique set of challenges.some days were very rewarding, others were very matter what you have done for the day or your shift, you could always done more in managements eyes. They will hire you on as a part time worker and schedule you in for full-time hours as they say they are short handed but you will not receive any of the full time benefits.great place to meet new faces

Points positifs

It pays some bills

Points négatifs

No matter what you did You always could have done more
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Chill place for the most part

•good people there•co-workers were pretty cool but most of them probably left by now•management was pretty good but was better in the beginning•customers were mostly pleasant
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Nice people, but no chance for a career

I worked here for 14 years and worked 40 hours a week. I was even responsible for the Dairy Department for a few years. Even after all that, they wouldn't classify me as a full time employee. Probably so they wouldn't have to give me benefits. They are cheap as frick.If you're looking for part time work and you don't mind shifts that are all over the map then this is a great place to work.
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A Truly Terrible Company

Great people might work there, but the company is awful. They treat their employees terribly. They have removed as much wages, benefits, or any other thing that could allow a person to work their and have any sort of life. These companies are a plague on society. They price gouge customers, while exploiting employees. They are so greedy that they have managed to destroy the entire industry, inside and out.

Points positifs

If you work there, you are saving some other poor soul from having a terrible job.

Points négatifs

You will be paid terrible wage, overworked, no discounts, no employee appreciation regardless of however long your work for them.
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Cycle employees every couple months

An employer that takes advantage of the low employment rate in the city to hire and fire good workers continuously, before they become post probationary staff. Full time is not an option and they will do anything they can to make it impossible to obtain full time employment.

Points positifs

Discount after three months

Points négatifs

Being fired before three months so discount does not apply.
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It was a good job, hours were good and flexible, people were nice and work wasn't too hard for the pay. Management was good too, not very many benefits being part time tho
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Great place to work as a student or first job

Good hours, decent pay, not too stressful, working around a lot of people and social. having to push carts in all weather. in and out of cold freezers. Can get busy during rush hours. people call in sick a lot.

Points positifs

people, indoors.
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Laid Back

Accommodating management and a friendly working environment. The workplace is drama free and job training is through and comprehensive. Strong commradierie among staff.
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Not a good place

Not a good place management sucks and hard to deal with and very unprofessional and the night shift was not very. Good very unorganized and people weren’t good to work with

Points positifs

Shift timing

Points négatifs

Work load
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Retail sucks but is decent experience

You learn the basics of your job and what’s expected of you. Training takes about 2 weeks total. You will interact with customers a lot so be preparing for that. If you work Grocery or Produce you will be doing heavy lifting.Managers call you in last minute and think they’re the main characters. The Grocery manager I had who originally conducted my interview was terrible at explaining what tasks he wanted done and would throw a fit when asked for further explanations.You will be required to wear a uniform and it will smell like store shelves every night.

Points positifs

Retail Experience

Points négatifs

You’re working in Retail
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Bad management and stressful

Very gossipy behind the scenes. can't talk to Management as everyone hears about it learned how to use certain equipment. learned how to properly stock shelves

Points positifs

tv and cable flexible hours mon to thurs

Points négatifs

no flex fri to sun long standing times
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They play favourites.

The staff at this establishment plays favourites to their friends and gives them extra benefits. If you're not like them, you're not a favourite. STEER CLEAR.
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Steady & Easy

Clear sense of direction, same tasks day in day out. More than enough shifts and plenty of opportunity to cover co workers shifts.Pay was fair, no benefits for part timers.
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Better than being unemployed?

Store/head office management is too top-heavy and micromanage what little staff exist at store level. While it is in fact a fast-paced environment and has lots of work that needs to be covered, they will under staff departments with only 28 hours a week maximum part time employees. Communication is terrible to non-existent.As is with most grocery chains, there is clearly no benefit or room to grow for this company long term. The benefits aren't great, worse if you only qualify for part time. They do not want to give full time positions, the people who do have them are 50+ years and are treated like garbage.If you need a job short term it's fine; just don't expect anything to come from your hard work and years of experience. Except maybe trauma bonding with your coworkers.
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Grocery Associate chez Sobeys

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17,01 $ par heure

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