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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good first job

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very flexible with students good with giving trainingunderstanding of family emergencies switches between fast paced and slow, they take that into account when schuduling shifts
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Got in trouble for doing common sense tasks, no place to escape toxic coworkers, and they keep you in the same department even if you beg to transfer. In the three years I worked there I got one week of vacation.

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Best job I've ever had as a student

In the deli you open regularly and it's pretty calm the entire day and a bit more busy in the evenings. You mostly just slide meet and cheese. The manager was great considering we were all teenagers at the time. Hardest part of the job was how bored you'd get when it wasn't busy. The best part is it's the same thing every day, nobody's screaming in your face, the hours are short great for students.

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Student friendly

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Cuts hours
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Great place to work have a great time. Fast paced but rewarding work. Would recommend to anyone currently looking for a job. Hope to see you soon.
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cared way to much for the workers that didn't do their jobs but had years experience so they refused to do anything about it. along with zero staff communication (they would try to call you in while your at school coming from a student) and seem to be upset when you could not...
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Pretty Good

Overall, I really liked working for Sobeys. Really fun place to be around and I got to know good people. Also really friendly customers. Would recommend if they want to find a first job
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Busy yet efficient work place. Problem solving is key to the enterprise.

What is the best part of working at the company?Sense of teamwork. Focus on customer service.What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Miscommunication and lack of connection with upper management.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Generally Fair energetic and efficient.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Positive busy work environment.
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Sophisticated work responsibilities, poor structure and management

Sobeys is what I would consider to be a higher end retail job. You do have a good amount of responsibility in your role, however this is severely limited by a management style that pushes you to your limit while underpaying you. This seems to be the trend in most retail companies, so will give Sobeys it's due for not being the worst out there. You are either lucky enough to be around co-workers who are nice, or unlucky enough to be with those who aren't. However, my biggest gripe would be the improper work schedules. You are almost never guaranteed hours according to your part time status, and even full time workers sometimes have cuts to their work schedules. A part timer must work half the amount of a full timer or have the freedom to specify exact days and times, otherwise just don't hire them! In this economy people need to have at-least two jobs in order to sustain themselves, when operating on a minimum wage salary. Sobeys is not free of this retail chain trend where they need you to have almost full time availability yet they will not give you sufficient work hours, and should you cut down your availability to match, they might say there aren't enough hours for those days in a particular work week. This brings me to my next point; the management. I understand that in this economy, prices are high because of inflation and as such businesses need to cut costs to stay afloat. That has nothing to do with giving us proper pay however. There has to be a structure to undercutting work hours, so that the store output and worker compensation are just at the right - 

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Ample responsibilities, friendly staff, good breaks

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Poor pay structure, bad work hour management, unbalanced ratio for production output:time/pay
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Bad leadership

Customer service at Sobeys in Woodstock was disappointing, and the store lacked organization and cleanliness. "I recently experienced a lack of leadership at Sobey's, leading to confusion and inefficiency. The absence of clear direction impacted the overall customer experience and left me dissatisfied."

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$16 for full time
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Could Use Additional Staff

Great managers and friendly staff. But there is a lot of work to be done by too little amount of people. Efficiency and accuracy would definitely improve with at least an additional person.
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It wask okay

Working here was a good experience for awhile, serving customers were the best part by far but closing shifts were extremely stressful for me. Management was pretty nice
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Productive , team work is required.

The most enjoyable part of the job is serving the customers.Hardest part of the job is shift work.Work / life balance for part-time employees is challenging.

Points positifs

Learning new things !

Points négatifs

Shift work
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Fun workplace, Great people, Boring

Sobey's is a good place to work while in school, the management's good, and I've met many great people there. The job itself can be quite fun at first, but after a while, it can get very repetitive. Expect minimum wage and low hours depending on your department, but overall it's an enjoyable job.
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Great management, monotonous job

Great communication between workers and bosses, flexible schedules depending on timing, adequate breaks, lots of friendly staff and good connections made at this job.
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Good not many perks as part time

full time might get you good benefits but as a part time not many just pay. needs to work hard to get into full time but still if there is a requirement only then you can be promoted.
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Great first job

Great first place to work. Manager was really flexible with scheduling and always willing to adjust if needed. Food safe was pretty strict but other than that….
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Boring and unpleasant work place

Horrible place to work atI was told I’d be paid minimum wage but was actually paid student wage and found out by doing math the math after my first pay check, manager would not allow me access to my pay stub, didn’t allow me to take time off and didn’t train me properly Coworkers and management were genuinely mean and unpleasant to work with, except for a select few, I worked at the March road Sobeys and I would not recommend
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Very bad

Changing a schedule was a nightmare. My manager would act as if she owns the place. Baddest experience ever. The job itself was not that hectic though just the environment that our managers created.
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Good place to work

Great place to work as a student, flexible scheduling, good management. Working closing and weekend shifts mostly but had holidays off which was nice.
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Overworked and underpaid

Raises are rare and a joke. Coworkers were amazing. Left the job because of bullying. Worked at 3 different stores before, never had issues, ever. Overworked and under appreciated.
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Was amazing

The team and staff there were amazing. It was like a family! The management was very understanding and made the job fun and pretty easy to follow through with.
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Deli Associate chez Sobeys

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