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Customer Service Associate / Cashier218 avis
Canada218 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good coworkers but bad management.They cut our hours for them to get bonus.The pay is not good, they are cheap.Overall, it's a good place to work for studentsor seniors.
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Great Work Environment

I was employed there for 8 years after High School. I made lifelong friends and made many fond memories. I don't regret the experience at all and would encourage others to apply.
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I loved working here!

It was a fun energetic workplace with some of the best people I have ever worked with. I was able to become a sales associate to supervisor in 2 weeks. I enjoyed the position and the pay was fair. This job is and can be high stressed due to dealing with daily thefts and riffraff in the neighborhood. Working well with police and security is a must. As well as being to properly identify theft, intoxication and bootleggers to minors/minors.

Points positifs

Discounts at your sobers grocery store & liquor on select items.

Points négatifs

Can be a stressful and dangerous environment to work in.
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Friendly staff

I mean, It’s just a regular cashier job! Nothing really exciting to expect! The managers and the staff made the work environment really really pleasant!
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Good job and workplace culture

Good job, can't complain. Management is understanding. Culture of the company is the most important thing for me and brought me to a good day. Continue to shop local
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Sobeys Liquor in Spruce Grove it’s like a 2nd Family

Sobeys Liquor in Spruce Grove the staff is so friendly, the manager and assistant manager are very easy-going, great to work for, very understanding. If you want hours or you need time off they are very willing to try and work with you.It truly feels like a second family! Everyone gets along so well & works together as a team, we have fun while doing it too It’s a good job environment with some great customers and some of them you get to know that become regulars. There’s lots of different training and education you can take to increase your knowledge which is great

Points positifs

Staff is great! Like a 2nd family!

Points négatifs

Could pay better but that’s not this stores fault
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Interest in money

Not great. Over work under pay no benefits No raises no holidays poorly run lazy management slow to hire rude managers rude customer service people Terrible to work fur
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Fast pace fun place to work

Great management, lots of room for growth. Uppers appreciate their employees. Lots of training programs in place to advance your skill set. Overall, it is a good place to work and move up in.
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Good management and co workers

Good management and co workers. The company was very much focused on providing good customer service and as an employee felt important too among the other staff
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Productive workplace

Okay workplace, customers can be a pain. They expect you to bring your own pen when that’s something they can provide. Disorganized, especially when sales are happening.
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It’s an amazing job to start it you’re looking for a part time job. Good pay/ friendly staff always willing to help when you need help. Good hoursAlways willing to work around your busy schedule. Can take off when you need to.
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Bad management

Managers would constantly take out their frustrations on others. Schedules were always messed up and gave you no warning to allow you to plan around your days
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Good job for students.

Sobeys was a good job for students, particularly in my department (the front end). I would caution you that the jump from cashier to customer service does not include a pay raise and the flexibility of hours (and vacation opportunities) are diminished, even though you have more duties and responsibilities. The store manager and owner was great at my location, but my department manager was very condescending. It of course would vary by location, but I have heard that this is a common reoccurrence among locations. Good for students as you can work as little as one four-hour shift per week. Comes with a pay raise every 500 hours worked. I worked there part time for 3 years and only amassed a 15 cent raise.
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Great Manager/coworkers

Great people and manager that’s what keep me there. Flexible scheduling and not bad employee benefits and perks. Work hours aren’t too late either. Overall great part time position to have.
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It was fun but not great pay. Team was pretty nice and was able to help me when I needed any assistance. Con is the pay but overall it was pretty okay.
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Not the worst, but definitely not good either

I've worked at Sobeys as a cashier and self serce operator for years. While not a particularly difficult job, it can be stressful. When it's busy, you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off. You have to think fast and independantly. Once you gey the hang of it, it's a lot easier and sometimes the quick pace is exhilarating. The customers are generally okay, save the creepy, bigoted, or combative ones. Not unusual for retail.The stress wouldn't be so bad if we had more staff, but Sobeys has cut everyone's hours the past few years and we're constantly swamped. We're expected to do two to three jobs for the price of one. It's exploitation. I don't blame my managers, more the company overall for that. If they want us to do more work, they need to pay us for it.With that said, management is pretty awful. No one is informed of policy changes beforehand so we find out when we get scolded by them or customers. Good work is rarely acknowledged and never rewarded. Bad behaviour is never punished and the responsible workers suffer for it. They rarely listen to complaints or suggestions. Nothing ever gets better, it just stays the same or gets worse. There are good moments of course but they're overshadowed by the bad for me. As things have gotten worse over the years and there's no signs of improvement, I can't in good conscience recommend people work here.The only saving grace are the good coworkers. It's a very chill, collaborative environment. Everyone helps each other when necessary. I've never once felt stupid asking someone for assistance. When it's not exploitative - 

Points positifs

Good work environment

Points négatifs

Bad management, exploitative labour practices, stressful, no real advancement opportunities
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Great for a first job

It was a decent job. Perfect for 14 year olds looking for their first job. Task we’re not too complex and do not take much time to learn. I only gave 3 starts because it gets repetitive after a while.
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Productive place to work

Worked as a cashier but has a side job doing stocks and some slight inventory. It helped me busy mentally and physically. Employer pays well too! Didnt have an experience in cash handling but I started with above minimum rate.
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Did not enjoy my time here.

I worked here for about a year and never enjoyed a second of it. From poor management to harassment from customers and managers, I would never recommend Sobeys to anyone looking for employment. I would often work 6-7 hour shifts and only receive 1 15 minute break. I once took a 16 minute break and got written up for "abusing rest periods". My managers often spoke to me as if I was a child and always felt belittled by them and their words. If you want to hate your job, work here.

Points positifs

Everyone hates their job, so you can bond over that.

Points négatifs

I think i said enough.
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Positive work environment

Worked here years ago, very professional and organized. Great job for a first job or to strengthen customer service skills. Had potential to move up the ladder.
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Pretty Good

Not too bad for high school students, the pay is okay and the hours aren’t too bad. Your experience will really depend on your coworkers and management but I enjoyed my time there.
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Customer Service Associate / Cashier chez Sobeys

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15,64 $ par heure

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