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Winnipeg, MB155 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Une journée typique comprend aider les gens à trouver leurs groceries, à utiliser la caisse de monnaie, à nettoyer notre station, à saluer les gens et paqueter leurs épiceries. J'ai appris comment bien gérer mon temps pour que la clientèle reste content et quand même avoir le temps de leur parler. Le management est très bien. Ils sont toujours prêt à nous aider. Mes collaborateurs sont très bien aussi, toujours gentils. L'aspect le plus difficile est de faire les même mouvements plusieurs fois dans un quart de travail. Aussi, de coopérer avec la clientèle qui ne sont pas content avec leur service, par contre j'ai appris comment gérer ce cas. L'aspect le plus agréable est de pouvoir parler aux gens et leurs aider avec quoi que ce soit. Voir un sourire sur leur face me fait sourire.

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Great first time job, not great long term

I worked at Sobeys for almost 12 years. I started as a courtesy clerk then a cashier and then moved into Customer Service. I learned many skills and interacted with a variety of people. Management was hit or miss throughout the years, particularly worse in my last few years, but if you come to work and do your job it isn't too bad. Things can get monotonous over time doing the same thing and after a while you will need a new challenge if you want to be stimulated at work. If you enjoy the customer interactions, it is the place for you.
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What is the best part of working at the company?The best part was when I quit What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Unrealistic expectations. Tonnes of unpaid hours. No thank you’s. You’re not appreciated. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Terrible. Poor morale. No one cares about the person. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Skip breaks. Start early. Stay late.
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Great management, monotonous job

Great communication between workers and bosses, flexible schedules depending on timing, adequate breaks, lots of friendly staff and good connections made at this job.
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Not productive

They didn't let me work. They fired me cause I didn't have flexibility. I also explained to them the reason why I can't do flexible hours but I'll let them know if it changes yeah. Single parenting is not exactly easy,although my husband later joined my here. I still had a LOT to put in place before I take up a full time job. But sobeys were just not patient enough

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Nothing good, just impatient.

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Long hours
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Good place for beginners

Good place to work but can be a bit boring, but the co workers are nice and there is a lot of work to be done so you get good hours and the pay isn’t bad
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Good not many perks as part time

full time might get you good benefits but as a part time not many just pay. needs to work hard to get into full time but still if there is a requirement only then you can be promoted.
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Decent Work place

Good work life balancedecent paygood coworkersmanagement is goodonly downside is unrealistic performance targets given each weekunionionized but gave bad reasoning when let go
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Good enough

It's a jobYou get paidIt's a corporation who is concerned mainly with its own profitsYou will get a 10 cent raise once a yearHours are pretty flexible which is goodEnjoy working with coworkersCustomers can be both amazing and entitled
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It was a good job, hours were good and flexible, people were nice and work wasn't too hard for the pay. Management was good too, not very many benefits being part time tho
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Very bad

Changing a schedule was a nightmare. My manager would act as if she owns the place. Baddest experience ever. The job itself was not that hectic though just the environment that our managers created.
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Good management and co workers

Good management and co workers. The company was very much focused on providing good customer service and as an employee felt important too among the other staff
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Friendly work environment

The people were very friendly, and the work environment was generally chill and non - demanding .With regards to wages, I personally think it can be a lot better than they were offering, but it was okay
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Horrible, not expanding at all, just one of those jobs that makes you realize you need better.

What is the best part of working at the company?It's decent at first, they train you decent, and you sometimes get to sample foodWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Employers don't care about employees. Heavy work load for short shifts. Going above and beyond for minimum wage, and almost no respect of work life boundaries. Managers pressure you about what medication your on, when they have no right to know, anything other than the fact that it might affect your working ability.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Constantly doing something, and having a heavy work load , during a 4 hour shift. For minimum wage.
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Good place to start

Slow paced eveningsStacking and greeting customersNeed to be able to lift heavy itemsUsually working on your own, little supervision Keep a tidy working environment
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Good job for students.

Sobeys was a good job for students, particularly in my department (the front end). I would caution you that the jump from cashier to customer service does not include a pay raise and the flexibility of hours (and vacation opportunities) are diminished, even though you have more duties and responsibilities. The store manager and owner was great at my location, but my department manager was very condescending. It of course would vary by location, but I have heard that this is a common reoccurrence among locations. Good for students as you can work as little as one four-hour shift per week. Comes with a pay raise every 500 hours worked. I worked there part time for 3 years and only amassed a 15 cent raise.
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Good enough

Days are long but hours are flexible, I learned many things while working there. Managers are always understanding of different situations that other employees have.
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Learned alot

Great company…years ago. Now corp is corp. Work in a Franchise stores and want to move up…can’t transfer without quitting. Learned a lot and now the competition gets what I learned.
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Liked my coworkers, hated the environment.

This job wasn't a good fit for me to begin with, but it didn't seem like it is for a lot of people. Management doesn't care about the staff, the store manager at the time I was there watched people on the cameras and did everything he could to keep people from getting over time pay. He once called me, "Good Girl." Most departments work on a skeleton crew, if someone leaves they may not be replaced. Hours fluctuate from too few to way too much.

Points positifs

Free uniforms

Points négatifs

Bad hours, abysmal pay, bad management
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Was a fine place to work for the industry, definitely not good.

I worked for sobeys for many years, I have seen some stuff for sure.Overall the pay is about average for the industry, definitely nothing special.Once you move into management you get a raise but it’s still less then most companies pay.

Points positifs

Average wages

Points négatifs

Can have pretty terrible managers
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Chaotic and unjust

Place is constantly in shambles and on the verge of falling apart due to poor management. Not very accommodating in terms of scheduling and very few hours
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