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Toronto, ON208 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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What is the best part of working at the company?Good Store managers good co workers good customers What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Hard to promote, even though you were excellent What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Very good , like big family co- workers What is a typical day like for you at the company?30 minutes ahead , have coffee, watch some tv , start working , lunch break , work again , coffee break work again then off
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Good place

Good place overall to work at for a summer job or a job between school, can be busy but overall it is an alright job. Compensation was average for the role
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Friendly staff

I mean, It’s just a regular cashier job! Nothing really exciting to expect! The managers and the staff made the work environment really really pleasant!
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Place for the young and the retired

Just about the front end. No permanent position at all except the manager, people come an go. A good place to know people in the nearby neighborhood and do some grocery when you finish your shift.
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Decent place to work, but under pays for the level of expectation.

For companies like Sobeys that stand to make billions in profits. They shouldn’t be offering minimum wages in any role. A truly progressive company that cared about its employees, understands that a livable wage would be more appropriate given the current economic climate.
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Sophisticated work responsibilities, poor structure and management

Sobeys is what I would consider to be a higher end retail job. You do have a good amount of responsibility in your role, however this is severely limited by a management style that pushes you to your limit while underpaying you. This seems to be the trend in most retail companies, so will give Sobeys it's due for not being the worst out there. You are either lucky enough to be around co-workers who are nice, or unlucky enough to be with those who aren't. However, my biggest gripe would be the improper work schedules. You are almost never guaranteed hours according to your part time status, and even full time workers sometimes have cuts to their work schedules. A part timer must work half the amount of a full timer or have the freedom to specify exact days and times, otherwise just don't hire them! In this economy people need to have at-least two jobs in order to sustain themselves, when operating on a minimum wage salary. Sobeys is not free of this retail chain trend where they need you to have almost full time availability yet they will not give you sufficient work hours, and should you cut down your availability to match, they might say there aren't enough hours for those days in a particular work week. This brings me to my next point; the management. I understand that in this economy, prices are high because of inflation and as such businesses need to cut costs to stay afloat. That has nothing to do with giving us proper pay however. There has to be a structure to undercutting work hours, so that the store output and worker compensation are just at the right - 

Points positifs

Ample responsibilities, friendly staff, good breaks

Points négatifs

Poor pay structure, bad work hour management, unbalanced ratio for production output:time/pay
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A mesmerizing blend of glitter and intrigue. Enchanting from start to finish, this experience is a kaleidoscope of wonders. Pure magic 5/5 would recommend
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Great place

Fantastic work environment , team based flexible hours . Inclusive and room for growth with job security and paid days off . Everyone was always friendly and no drama
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Fast pace fun place to work

Great management, lots of room for growth. Uppers appreciate their employees. Lots of training programs in place to advance your skill set. Overall, it is a good place to work and move up in.
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Management at my location is very poorWorking as a cashier here is just ok been here a long time but still treated like I’m not very important to the company which doesn’t feel very nice
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Work environment is great, I work with a very friendly group of people. Enjoy being here. Communication between coworkers is key factor of this successful teamwork!
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It’s an amazing job to start it you’re looking for a part time job. Good pay/ friendly staff always willing to help when you need help. Good hoursAlways willing to work around your busy schedule. Can take off when you need to.
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Fun place to work

Overall the work culture is good but the drivers are always on the road , drive 2-3 hrs of drive dor long distances and carry upto 40 lbs of weight in the van itself and deliver it to customers.
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Not the worst, but definitely not good either

I've worked at Sobeys as a cashier and self serce operator for years. While not a particularly difficult job, it can be stressful. When it's busy, you're running around like a chicken with your head cut off. You have to think fast and independantly. Once you gey the hang of it, it's a lot easier and sometimes the quick pace is exhilarating. The customers are generally okay, save the creepy, bigoted, or combative ones. Not unusual for retail.The stress wouldn't be so bad if we had more staff, but Sobeys has cut everyone's hours the past few years and we're constantly swamped. We're expected to do two to three jobs for the price of one. It's exploitation. I don't blame my managers, more the company overall for that. If they want us to do more work, they need to pay us for it.With that said, management is pretty awful. No one is informed of policy changes beforehand so we find out when we get scolded by them or customers. Good work is rarely acknowledged and never rewarded. Bad behaviour is never punished and the responsible workers suffer for it. They rarely listen to complaints or suggestions. Nothing ever gets better, it just stays the same or gets worse. There are good moments of course but they're overshadowed by the bad for me. As things have gotten worse over the years and there's no signs of improvement, I can't in good conscience recommend people work here.The only saving grace are the good coworkers. It's a very chill, collaborative environment. Everyone helps each other when necessary. I've never once felt stupid asking someone for assistance. When it's not exploitative - 

Points positifs

Good work environment

Points négatifs

Bad management, exploitative labour practices, stressful, no real advancement opportunities
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Great people and culture

Colleagues are all great to work with, bureaucracy can be challenging at times. Overall a great team feeling with lots of opportunity to learn new areas
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it was fine

It was fine not really anything special, I started as a “bagger” so I was just with the cashiers at a big location just bag groceries but then they moved me to a cashier
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Lack of Work Life Balance and Little Room for Growth

Pharmacies are often understaffed and overworked, and deal with high volume of prescription counts. No support from head office related to staffing issues. Also, many last minute schedule changes for pharmacist shifts and overall poor work-life balance. Lastly, stagnant wages and benefits provide little incentive for growth professionally.
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Pretty Good

Not too bad for high school students, the pay is okay and the hours aren’t too bad. Your experience will really depend on your coworkers and management but I enjoyed my time there.
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Good for part-time

As a cashier at Sobeys, I have had a positive experience overall. Sobeys is a well-run company that values its employees, and I have found my colleagues to be supportive and helpful.One of the things that stands out to me about working at Sobeys is the emphasis on customer service. The company puts a lot of effort into training its employees to be friendly, approachable, and knowledgeable about the products in the store. As a result, I have had many positive interactions with customers, who often remark on the high level of service they receive at Sobeys.
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Stressful and demanding

They demand a lot from you to uphold their highstandards but do very little to support you. People in charge at head office often change and every time they do they bring new expectations and rules so you end up doing things over and over again wasting time. Lots of people are working free over time just to get these things done and it's not right.
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Great working in the meat department

Cut, package and weight various cuts of meat ( beef, pork, fish )Maintain safety procedures when operating machines ( bandsaw, meat grinder) Great job with great people in the heart of Toronto
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