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Simcoe, ON15 avis

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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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It has its ups and downs. I've explained in the pros and cons sections about what to expect when working at Sobeys. They have improved some things over the years to make working there more comfortable. But the main issue I have is how for some reason, the management and head office have a problem with proper directional signs to guide customers (Eg. Where to line up for alcohol and lottery ticket purchases). Me, other employees, and customers have complained countless times on how we need proper signage so there are no confusions happening. But they expect us to have eyes on the back of our heads, and they expect customers to be smart enough to know how things work in every grocery store.

Points positifs

2 week schedule notice, 10% employee discount when signed up with Air Miles, workers and some customers can be awesome to work and interact with, understanding when it comes to mental health, some paid vacation times, a lot of different promotional shirts (more free clothes), and diverse with which employees they allow to work with them (eg. Disabilities, ethnicities, sexuality, etc.).

Points négatifs

Shifts and hours are always random, make you work almost every single weekend and/or holiday, some workers and customers can be problematic, full time work only applies to certain positions, working at the customer service desk requires too much multitasking, you need your Smart Serve to sell alcohol, only blank black sweaters/hoodies and shoes are allowed to wear, 14 vacation days per year, and there's lack of communication with what goes on for everyone (eg. Change in work protocols, etc.).
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I would stock the shelves to make sure they were full for all of the customers. I learned that you have to be patient with people because everyone is different and you have to hear them out

Points positifs

Great people to work with

Points négatifs

Holidays were very busy
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They didn't really give me the hours that I needed during the months that I wasn't playing any sports. They knew that I needed to get more hours for my Post-secondary education and they still didn't give me the hours that I deserved and that I asked for. I didn't really enjoy working but I liked the co-workers that I worked with. I think that the hardest part was making sure that everything was clean while serving customers. I think that Sobey's needs to do a better job at distributing hours among the students because some students got more than others. It is not fair to the students who are actually going off to school if they don't get enough hours than to those who don't know what they want to do after highschool.
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It was a relaxing laid back work place

I went into work on every shift did what I needed to be done washed floors stock shelves organized shelves cleaned the bathrooms always was doing my job took no brakes always focussing on getting my job done

Points positifs

Good service

Points négatifs

Short shifts
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Staff partys

Daily task... would be hit the ground running, organised set the day up for success and follow through. Management cared about your team and lend a hand where ever needed. The work place always felt like home. The hardest part was to say good by after being there for so long. The most enjoyable part of my job as management was watching my staff grow and become the successful adults they are today. I would love to say that they watched my dedication and hard work I put in every day and when they moved on they knew anything was possible when you put your heart and sole into something you believe in.
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I would say sobeys would be a nicess first job for anyone

This was very helpful, I learned a lot about the food and retail industry and I will always remember the things I was taught. I learn how to have good time management by being on time and ready to work knowing what to do when I got there

Points positifs

Everyone was very nice and helpful

Points négatifs

Cleaning up or having to fix the shelf every 5 mins
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Friendly staff and reasonable exceptions for employees. Each department is like its own family and all departments are very close as well. Love it would recommend to anyone.
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Deli is a great place to work if you want to be back in high school

At first the job was good than after awhile the drama starts and management is right in the middle of it she loves to stir the pot and start things. Has her favourites which is understandable because some work harder than others, the problem is her favourites never have to follow the rules and mostly stand around doing nothing. You can't go to the Deli manager if you have a problem and you can't go to store manger either because they are all buddies and just talk behind your back. No professionalism what so ever.

Points positifs

Met some great people in other departments

Points négatifs

Not many hours and to much drama for the pay
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Fine first job

fine first job that teaches you how to handle customer service. Was expected to come in every time there was someone calling in sick. Nothing special, nothing bad either
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Sobeys is a good place to work

I work in the deli and love my manager/coworkers. Everyone is pleasant to work with just wish more hours were available.

Points positifs

Nice manager, decent hours
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Co-workers were like family, always friendly.

I delt with different types of people daily. Great management, and I was always able to get the time off that I requested.
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good workplace with great staff but decent managment

Sobeys co workers are great but management could use some work, off days could have been scheduled better and adequate training would be nice.

Points positifs

good people

Points négatifs

no employee benefits
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Not My Kind Of Job

The co-workers were rude and disrespectful towards me and I just did not enjoy working there. I felt out of place and alone.
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A typical day of work would require me as well as the rest of the night crew to receive and spread the product, put the product up and face the store as well as many other things. I didn't see much of the management because I worked nights but the managers that i did see were pleasant. I really enjoyed the company of my co workers and the hardest part of the job was it being nights.

Points positifs

Gained knowledgeable experiance

Points négatifs

Night shift
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Learning how to cope with even the most difficult people and handling myself in a respectful manner so as not to cause any problems for my Company or

The opportunity to meet new people on a daily basis and serve them with courtesy and respect .

Points positifs

Meeting people

Points négatifs

worrking night shifts from 11 pm to 7am
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