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Mississauga, ON115 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Large organization, inefficient. Changes are difficult.

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The people are nice enough, but it's a very large organization so decisions take a really long time. Processes seem inefficient, burnout seems high on some teams.
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Amazing Experience

I loved my job at Sobeys working for Talent and development team. I had amazing managers and co-workers. Would have worked for them as long as I could if I had not moved.
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Culture is declining due to poor management

I have worked at Sobeys for nearly 8 years. When I started, it was a great place to work with a really nice culture. In the last few years the culture has changed for the worse. Salaries are below industry standard and they try to gaslight employees by limiting how much of an increase you can get when changing positions, and discouraging any discussion or disclosure of what specific jobs pay. Despite the motto "we're a family nurturing families," they are very happy to lay off long-term employees and replace them with junior people who will work for less. RTO has been badly mishandled, with threats and warnings being the tool of choice. Recently, we were told to make sure we swipe our keycards when entering the building, because our attendance at the office is being monitored. Instead of monitoring quality and volume of work (and we are all expected to do more as people leave), they monitor physical attendance and threaten to fire people who don't show up 3 days a week.Many good people have left, so many so that I believe the RTO is a way of reducing headcount. It is difficult to accomplish goals when there is so much staff turnover, and the new people being hired do not have the same skill level and experience as the employees forced out. Added to that, I don't take the same pride in working for Sobeys as I used to. When I started, I felt it was a decent, family company. Now it is run by a corporate board (making big salaries) and common decency is sadly lacking. Workers at the Vaughan warehouse have been on strike for months, after they were offered raises of 20 cents - 

Points positifs

A good place to get a start if you are willing to accept long hours and a lower than average salary

Points négatifs

Poor management
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Could Use Additional Staff

Great managers and friendly staff. But there is a lot of work to be done by too little amount of people. Efficiency and accuracy would definitely improve with at least an additional person.
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Productive and enjoyable work environment

Great work-life balance. Standard pay. There are opportunities for advancement if you connect with the right people. Most of the staff there are really nice.

Points positifs

Events from vendors, sometimes free goodies

Points négatifs

Standard pay
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Great culture and fun work environment

What is the best part of working at the company?Great culture and everyone tries to support one another What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Some of the projects are pretty indepth with alot of red tape in-between. This slows done great opportunitiesWhat is the work environment and culture like at the company?Fantastic culture and alot of fun. Good team mates and all round pleasure to work with.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Alot of conference calls.and collaboration.
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Bad management and stressful

Very gossipy behind the scenes. can't talk to Management as everyone hears about it learned how to use certain equipment. learned how to properly stock shelves

Points positifs

tv and cable flexible hours mon to thurs

Points négatifs

no flex fri to sun long standing times
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Flexible hours and supportive management

It's a great place to work if you want flexible hours. Fun environment and supportive team.I only worked there for a couple of months felt a positive energy going there and everyone was friendly.
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Seems ok if you end up on the right team

Dispite dysfunctional and toxic management, gained some decent experience and met some great and super talented people. I reccomend to do some homework and chat with people on the specific team you’re joining because some teams seem to be ok while others are miserable.
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Work life balance

Depends which category your on but work life balance can be a definite challenge in merchandising Constantly new projects and initiatives from senior leadership make it difficult to focus on the basic of your job
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Fun place to work for

Great place to work for, well trained well paid overall people and managers are respectful and friendly, good balance work and family, fun to test the different products.
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No complaints

I enjoyed working for the company, stayed for 10 years, complicated environment, but overall good! Office space is beautiful and collaborative. The pay and benefits were fair for the job expectations. Just like anywhere else there are exceptional managers, but some lack lustre ones as well. Pick an area of interest and you manager or leader may not be able to run you the wrong way.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Long hours
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Work Environment

I work from home. Other members of my team are spread across the country. Work independently resolving support tickets assigned by the manager. Good pay. Good benefits.
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Garbage company run by garbage people

Corporate is just full of middle-aged people who make too much money. So disorganized with their own teams and other clients, and no one ever takes accountability and are quick to throw others under the bus. Deadlines often aren't met because support is not provided on-time or at all. One of the worst companies I've ever worked for.
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Fast paced and fun with pressure to deliver

Great people working to achieve the same goals. Collaborative and fun. but tough deadlines and lots of work. Enjoyable- teamwork and cultureleast enjoyable - work life balance
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Good culture, high workload

Good company culture, the challenge is that people are all over Canada so working and building relationships often requires more effort.You have to manage projects and various job priorities. Be aware that a lot of external vendors come in to help so often times its a battle between how they want to do things versus your process.
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Good part-time job

Good first part-time job for students, management was alright, good hours and fairly flexible as well. Sometimes was stressful on super busy days with lots of customers.
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Good and steady work

I liked working here. There were some ups and downs in my department but My Manager was very nice and always bent over backward so that I can feel comfortable there.
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Productive, team work, cross department experience

Allowed to be creative, held daily talks with dept managers and staff, had group conference calls with peers and director daily, cooperative environment, staff very productive and efficient and friendly and happy. Dept mgrs all achieved bonuses.

Points positifs

Friday pizza for full time and part time, free rose for all female staff on Valentine’s and Mother’s Day

Points négatifs

HO office staff talking down to staff
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Was chill

My manager was super chill. Job got annoying after a little bit because it was i worked in the meat depeartment and i would finish shifts cold and wet.
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Great place to feel supported in the workplace

Management was always supportive of employee needs. They often did not hesitate to do the right thing if a situation were to arise with a customer. They always wanted to make customers satisfied with service and help employees learn through their example.

Points positifs

paid breaks

Points négatifs

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