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Brampton, ON102 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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great work for someone who needs a part time job the people who work here are cool and the are is nice, the store is kept clean the only problem is a shortage of staff
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Best job I've ever had as a student

In the deli you open regularly and it's pretty calm the entire day and a bit more busy in the evenings. You mostly just slide meet and cheese. The manager was great considering we were all teenagers at the time. Hardest part of the job was how bored you'd get when it wasn't busy. The best part is it's the same thing every day, nobody's screaming in your face, the hours are short great for students.

Points positifs

Student friendly

Points négatifs

Cuts hours
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Good place for Students

Easy work and a good starting job for any students or people looking for part-time work. it was general stock filling and easy work, however managers usually expected too much from a single worker.
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Good for a first time job

Pretty much what you would expect from a grocery job. Minimum wage, part-time hours, a few perks. It was fine for me, fresh out of high school just to get started.
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Good job for teens

Low wageSome people are niceFairly easy Mostly good pacingNo AdvancementFew traversable skillsFlexible hoursFired for eating a chicken wing when we got a new GM
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Okay job

Good for a while but can't stay long. If you are looking for a temporary job this is a good one. I didn't stay much longer and the store branch is actually closed now due to covid

Points positifs

Free lunch

Points négatifs

Less hours
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Easy and fun

Decent work environment.Friendly management team.Flexible hours.Easy tasks.Good location with lots of residential consumers.Gained product knowledge.Great coworkers.
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Easy going job

Easy going job while in school, understanding managers and supervisors, recognition and will info to cross train employees to gain more experience and to be able to help more
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Good environment

Sobeys is close to my home and it is a wonderful store to join. I work at sobeys as a cashier, it is a wonderful experience, as one gets to meet various kinds of folks on a daily basis.
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Fun when you make friends, management needs work

Not a terrible job, some positions are a lot harder than others for the same pay which bothered me. Managers pick favourites and tend to be hard on you if they don’t like you. Lots of gossiping from other staff and management.

Points positifs

made alot of friends

Points négatifs

unfair management
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not sure what to do, not given right training. you do learn new things every time you work but lots of tasking but also helping customers at the same time. The tasks are sometimes fun
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A simple start

The jobs given were mostly casual and easy to do and they are willing to show you the process before they would leave you to do it alone. The coworkers were also fun to talk to throughout the day.
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Fine for Students

Great job for students as it was not too stressful and hours were flexible. Not something with a lot of opportunities for growth if that is what you are looking for in a job.
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Flexible and supportive

Working front end has been a good experience, the team is supportive and helpful. The front end manager is great at trying to accommodate everyone’s schedule.
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Short sighted and top heavy

Sobeys prioritizes cutting costs above all else, even above generating profits. Important support roles are often cut from the payroll completely and departments have their hours slashed below what is needed to meet sales/production targets. It is an unreasonable work environment that will crush your soul.

Points positifs

Work hours are pretty typical for a retail job

Points négatifs

Working here can be demoralizing as there is never enough staff to meet production targets
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Not great

Not a great driving position, high turnover of staff, there is favouritism for some employees that get along with management. Not much room for growth
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Good Workplace for Students

I worked at Sobeys all throughout high school and university as it was an easy part-time job. You gain a lot of customer service experience and learn a lot throughout the job. However, working in the deli was stressful at times, and the job itself I found tiring. I would go home smelling like chicken and it was so hard to get rid of the smell. I would recommend working as a cashier as you get paid the same but do significantly less work. Management also sucked.

Points positifs

Get enough hours

Points négatifs

Short staff, long list of duties, sometimes don't leave on time, pay
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Bad place to work

Minimum pay and over worked People are nice but non management types. Other than that there is nothing good to say about working at Sobeys they are cheap
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Fun place to work

Both the employees and customers are great. Friendly work environment. The supervisors are helpful and the front-end manager is very accommodating. Great place to work part-time.
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Would work here forever.

I worked at sobeys for two years — if you work in the right city, the hardest part of your day will be getting up. After 8 months, I advanced to file maintenance, which I found a love and passion for. Every manager I ever met was a sweetheart - even the hardass ones. I never met one bad person while working at Sobeys. A very comfortable environment.

Points positifs

Knowledge of products, upcoming sales, flexible schedules, nice staff

Points négatifs

Some rude guests, some silly policies
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Work environment is toxic

After a long career in the Corporate world I wanted a part time job that at end of day I go home and not worry about work. Sobeys management creates a toxic workplace. Managers are bullies, they lie and talk about employees to other employees this includes store managers. If you disagree with them or stand up to them they cut your hours. No respect for employees.
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