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Les bureaux de la compagnie sont agréable avec gym et cafétéria sur place. Possibilité d’avancement de carrière et avantages. Belle expérience de travail
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Productive workplace

Staff is friendly, good working environment. Hours are flexible and managers take the time to ensure you are comfortable and have the knowledge you need
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Fun place and good skills

Management treats you well and training is quick and easy. Good place to work and gain basic kitchen skills for day to day life. Coworkers treat you as equals and are willing to help at any point
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Like Family

An amazing place to work, started from the bottom and worked my way up to management. My bosses believe in building up their staff and showing their appreciation for hard work and dedication. They have created an environment where everyone is heard and valued.
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If you get hurt as an order packer, they automatically place you on night shift when the main reason I took the job was for the 3pm - 11pm schedule that was never supposed to change. What a sham.

Points positifs

When they fed us something special. Grapes available during training.

Points négatifs

heavyhanded severance to shut me up
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amazing management and training staff

I worked the part time evening shift in Oromocto. The management, training staff, and other employees were amazing. Job was very fast paced, which they give you lots of time to get used to with a great system.

Points positifs

Great management, great training, competitive wages

Points négatifs

can sometimes feel overwhelming with certain types of orders
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Large organization, inefficient. Changes are difficult.

The people are nice enough, but it's a very large organization so decisions take a really long time. Processes seem inefficient, burnout seems high on some teams.
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Great Part Time Job

A great part time job to have while working through school, a good job particularly for people who don’t want to do much talking and get right to work.
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not a bad place to work and develop skills, wouldnt suggest working there for ever as moral can be xtremely low sometimes. overall experience was fine.
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perfect for a student

being produce is fairly easy and really depends on how your manager and co-workers get along with each other. Work is pretty easy you're only stocking and unloading, would reccommend but dont expect to get much hours.
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Bad environment, management on power trip

Bad environment, rude customers, no benifits, Sobeys excels at making their employees feel like nothing more than a number. Most management was rude and on a power trip, they care more about filling the tills than letting a sick employee stay home.
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Place for the young and the retired

Just about the front end. No permanent position at all except the manager, people come an go. A good place to know people in the nearby neighborhood and do some grocery when you finish your shift.
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cared way to much for the workers that didn't do their jobs but had years experience so they refused to do anything about it. along with zero staff communication (they would try to call you in while your at school coming from a student) and seem to be upset when you could not...
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Management massive ego

Management will judge you on what there told by unreliable employees.I've seen management love the most useless employees and hate the hardest working employees solely based on what they're told.To simplifie that, management hears what they want to hear.If they want to like you, they will.If they want you to fail, you will.Regardless of the Circumstances.Don't think, I'll just work hard and everything will be okay. It's not 1975, it doesn't work like that anymore. At least not at sobeys.

Points positifs

Payed vacation

Points négatifs

If they don't like you, you can be the hardest worker, it's doesn't matter
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Productive and fun workplace

Sobeys was a great job, especially while I was in high school and transitioning into college. The work environment was very friendly, and I met a lot of good people there.
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Supervisors are bullies. Not a nice place to work

Supervisors are bullies. Managment did not care about employees. Moral was very low. Should have quit a lot sooner, there is better out there.
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It was a heartless place to work.

What is the best part of working at the company?The best part of working at Rocky View Retail Warehouse location was losing 20 lbs due to the stress of winter commute for the midnight shift driving from SW Calgary location to extreme NE warehouse location on that dangerous icy deserted country road. Leaving home at 6 pm for the 8 pm to 4:40 am shift. It also was superb the time we stood outside freezing for over an hour with no protection or jackets in -40 temp while the H2S alarm kept sounding. What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Driving the icy road to the warehouse.What is the work environment and culture like at the company?It was tribal, everyone according to their tribe.What is a typical day like for you at the company?Terrible situation in the lunch room and on the warehouse floor socially, it was good work but no friends unless you were brown, pushy people got the best machines and got the best positions in order to make the quota required.
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terrible, terrible place to work. The management loves to screw staff over, I don't understand why as in the long run they are doing it to themselves. management will yell at staff in front of customers for little issues. extremely busy where taking breaks will become a issue. during holidays management won't plan in advance and is usually very chaotic and stressful. schedules are usually 4-6 days a week with 4-6 hours per shift, lots of times you may get call to come before your shift has started as they are busy (mostly during holidays). whenever a new employee starts management will mess with them/try to get rid them for no apparent reason. customers are rude be prepared to get yelled at by them as well.
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Great work environment

Healthy work environment with great managers and staff. Managers were super understanding and empathic and lead by example which is a huge plus. Definitely a good place for experience.
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Just OK

Three out of five, just OK to work for. Lots of improvements can be done in terms of traning of new hires, mentorship program and workplace culture.
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What is the best part of working at the company?The best part was when I quit What is the most stressful part about working at the company?Unrealistic expectations. Tonnes of unpaid hours. No thank you’s. You’re not appreciated. What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Terrible. Poor morale. No one cares about the person. What is a typical day like for you at the company?Skip breaks. Start early. Stay late.
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