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Très bel environnement de travail, mais qui a ses petits défauts, comme tout autre entreprise.
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Very Stressful

Changing work times no notification, being yelled at. Management always trying to get you in trouble. Very poorly run by Store Manager. Very poorly run stores.

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called in all the time
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Not the greatest experience

Working for this company has been a crazy of a ride. Over the years I've realized that they do not respect you as a person. Its like high schiol, most peopke are disrespectful and talk behind your back while pretending to be great employees. They put pressure on their employees to complete a percentage if not your past in the office. It not a company that motivates you to wake up every morning. It's a job that most just tolerate because their scared to start over.
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Negative atmosphere between Union and Company.

Very dangerous equipment moving at fast pace. You are expected to work very fast,which compromises your safely. Management just uses new employees ,then fires them when they don't work fast enough. They do this just before the employees get their hours in for mandatory Union enrollment. Company just uses people. Union employee are disgruntled to say the least. Too bad, because the actual physical work is fun, but lots of problems at this company.
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Very Clicky staff

Nice environment for customers sadly not for employees Promise decent part time hours and they do for the first little while while you train yourself. Expect you to be knowledgeable in processes and products you are given little to no information on. Encourage you to "skip breaks" to produce more Very clicky environment Not the worst job but definitely not long term as they give you two ot three short shifts per week fine for students or someone on a pension.

Points positifs

Decent breaks offered

Points négatifs

Expected to do alot in short time.
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Great place to climb the ladder

Worked here for many years! Preformed many different jobs. Lots of room to move up over the years given you are a dedicated hard worker! Highly recommend a career with Sobeys.

Points positifs

Flexible, Work from home, good management

Points négatifs

Weekend work on occasion
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Unsupportive work environment

Management does nothing to support their staff. There is a lot of favouritism that goes on. If you’re not in their inner circle they let you know. Very stressful environment. A VERY HIGH TURN AROUND. A lot of people they hire end up quitting with in 6 months.

Points positifs

10% employee discount

Points négatifs

Very low hours. Lucky if you get 12 hrs a week.
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it lowkey sucked but it's cute and quirky ig

My manager asked me to go to work while I was sick with COVID, the Bakery Department was severely understaffed, I was asked to go to work almost everyday while I was in school. They didn't really train well enough, I had to figure things out myself because I was put in a closing shift immediately not knowing much. Overall, pretty ok experience, it's way better with people you like around, pretty easy job for being my first one. I recommend handing in your resume in person, they usually check those first than online ones.
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Horrible Place to work

The collective agreement is horrible. Theres no incentives. If you hit 100 percent you get a pat on the back. I worked there for 6 months. There's no opportunity to move up unless you wanna work in the freezer section for 2 years. Everyone is rude, and the unionized workers don't like any of the new hires. If you're looking for a job as an order picker I highly recommend aspect retail logistics or Loblaws. Do not apply to Sobeys.
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Good first job but a bit boring

A really easy and flexible first job. Managers are quite nice but it's a bit boring. if you don't mind facing an isle for 4 hours straight then it's a good job, otherwise wouldn't recommend.

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Fast-paced and busy workplace but pleasant customers

I worked with the company for over three years and my experience overall wasn't too bad. For the first year, I really loved working there. A lot of my coworkers were great and most of the customers were nice, but over time it became less enjoyable. Weekends were always busy and sometimes there weren't enough cashiers, so it made things pretty stressful. Management was alright, though there was a pretty high turnover rate. I would say it's a great job to start with and if you like interacting with people that can make it better, especially if you like your coworkers, but it's not somewhere to stay long-term unless you really love it.
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Being a cashier was horrible you'd get rude customers and the management wouldn't do anything to help you out.

Don't work at namao sobeys the management team is horrible, I got fired for requesting time off there. The is no benefits either at this job and the breaks are only 15 mins, most of the time we didn't even get breaks! Management was always rude and very unprofessional. I strongly recommend you do not seek a job here.

Points positifs

No pros

Points négatifs

Management, no benefits, not long enough breaks.
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Fine for Students

Great job for students as it was not too stressful and hours were flexible. Not something with a lot of opportunities for growth if that is what you are looking for in a job.
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You are expendable.

The warehouse is a good spot for a younger person to make okay money for a summer. Long term though it's a toxic place to work. So much favoritism and lazy management and the higher up union workers are just as lazy. The main job of selecting/picking is inhumane and brutal on the body, could easily be addressed if they actually valued their employees more than their profits. If they did value human life they'd be more inclusive and understanding about performance standards and what it actually takes to do the job, which no one in management or executives seem to have any clue about. If anyone on the outside was able to see what the average worker goes through here you'd see clear human rights violations going on, and so many safety concerns it's beyond baffling! Pretty much as bad as Amazon this place.
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Fast paced

Management overall is pretty good, they listen to your concerns and actively try to help where they can. Very flexible with schedules. Sometimes though there aren't enough hours
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I have worked at Sobeys for over a year. Very friendly staff and management. Seems to be a very family orientated atmosphere.

Really enjoy my time at Sobeys , would love to have more hours, interacting with customers is great. Only working short shifts 5 days a week, would love to have longer shifts if that is possible.

Points positifs

Customer contact and interaction

Points négatifs

part time hours, would like more hours
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Productive, accepting but stressful.

Working in the deli department, you often need to deal with very difficult customers, however my co-workers and managers have been very supportive and willing to let me take a moment to re-focus and take care of my mental health when there are no lineups. Work-life balance is basically non-existant given my current hours and can be a very high stress job as the two main cons. The biggest advantage is that Sobeys Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and after three months, employee discounts are given.

Points positifs

Employee discount, supportive environment, equal opportunity employer.

Points négatifs

Poor work-life balance, high stress.
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Productive and relaxed

When I worked at Sobeys Liquor Store, the staff were all very pleasant and we all got along really well. I worked PT but was able to fill in regularly.

Points positifs

Pick up extra shifts

Points négatifs

Customers complaining about flyers
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tense work enviroment if you only speak english

fair place to work and room for advancement with many different kinds of positions coming up all the time with adequit to average leadership from management team
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It's a great place to build confidence

It really depends on what department you're in and who the manager is. Sometimes it's a really great workplace, and other times its not so great. For a part timer that just has to show up, its a great place to learn different skills and gain confidence. For someone trying to work their way up, I wouldnt say it is worth trying. The pay scale is totally unfair and the higher ups do not care about you or what you want.
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Difficult work for minimum pay. Frustrating and sometimes shifty management. About as good as minimum wage labor gets.

Substantially overworked. Very minimum pay. This lead to massive turnover. 6 people quit the one department I worked in during a 1 year period. Management was sketchy with following health protocols, and did not care about safety of workers.
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