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Why did you leave your job at Sobeys?

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  • Extremely poor management. Nightmarish HR department. S**ual harassment not taken at all seriously.

  • Thickwood Sobeys is a chaotic mess, unprofessional and run by a school bully all grown up. No one is treated fairly if you are not in store manager's good books, even if you end up in her bad books you never know why as communication there is non-existent. She never tells you what you did ever. Managers seem to have their own set of rules while everyone else is supposed to follow a set of rules that changes daily so no one ever knows why they are written up, berated or yelled at. I remember hearing one employee being berated because she told a customer that we don't price match, Store Manager told said employee "never tell a customer no". There was a disagreement. When said employee asked "do we price match?", store manager said "no". Like all that drama for a simple "no". It's ridiculous. The favorites game is clearly played, one close manager basically was grooming young, female cashiers and yet he got a slap on the wrist when it violated Sobeys policy. The place is like a circus without a ring master, just a clown in charge. Don't apply there.

  • Store was poorly run, management was ineffective and terrible. Store manager was unfathomably rude, condescending, unfair and cold hearted. She openly played the favorites game causing tension within departments and when employees squabbled, she never acknowledged her part in it when even called out. Everyday there was gossip about employees or customers, store management would sit in general off for an hour talking about others like they had no work to do. I had to get out, it was jeuvinile and ridiculous.

  • Store manager is ineffective and behaved like a bully. She favored certain people and disrespected others openly in front of other employees and customers. She called an employee up to the general office to ask them in front of a room full of people why they were on plenty of fish in judgemental manner. She openly gossips about employees, customers, even the merchandisers. She was basically the main reason I left.

  • Store management is ineffective and unprofessional, all the store manager does is talk behind people's back, degrade them, belittle them. She blatantly and obviously favors certain people while treating others horribly. They way she disrespects produce assistant manager to lower level employees is disgusting. The gossip and constant back stabbing is terrible, I never worked with a bunch of more miserable people in my life. Sobeys was stressful, dramatic, ridiculous and unprofessional.

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  • I've worked at the Thickwood location for about a couple year, it was a gong show. Store Manager is basically Regina George all grown up, favors certain people while mistreats others. They talk about other employees behind their back, disrespects employees on the floor in front of customers, and has even accused their Assistant Store Manager of sabotaging the store. They promote unqualified managers from other departments while the people who know what they are doing are not promoted and not even given a raise and expected to help the unqualified manager learn the department. The gossip is ridiculous, toxic and the level of a bad teen movie only there isn't a happy ending there. If you read this and are thinking about applying, here's some advise: don't talk to anyone, don't tell anyone your personal business (upper management will all talk about it). Get in and Get out.

  • No chance for advancement - I have decorated cakes for over 20 yrs - They told me I didn't have enough experience

  • Unqualified store management who spend most of their time talking about other employees and customers, ridiculous rules which were enforced only to those who were not in store manager's favor. Promotion of unqualified persons from other departments saying their manager when they have no idea of what they are doing. Unfair treatment of assistant store manger over a cooler failing, was my final straw. Do not apply to up town Fort McMurray Sobeys, seriously; if the store manager doesn't like you they will never promote you even if you have all the experience (unless you suck up their posterior). It's like Mean Girls on Crack at my form Sobeys. Too many chiefs not enough Indians (so to speak, no offence). Place is like a Freak Show.

  • The store I worked at in Fort McMurray was poorly run. Store Manager was incredibly rude, unfair, disrespectful, and played favorites creating targets which caused drama in the produce department (where I worked). They basically demoted the assistant store manger over a faulty cooler in which the assistant store manger approved to be fixed to avoid a higher cost later on in terms of shrink, but looking back the assistant store manager would have been demoted either way. People who are not really qualified to be managers are promoted even though employees who have been there 8 or more years are dismissed because the store manager doesn't like them. Store manager's "friends" act all buddy buddy when they are around, but question their judgements when they are not around. Overall, I liked my fellow employees, but Store manager needs a complete overhaul of their approach to management.

  • Inequality of pay structure, they would hire assistants from the competition and offer them more than current staff

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