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What are the hours like at Sobeys like?

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  • Depending on the position you are in, front end cashiers work a max of four hours and forty five minutes, where as different positions and departments may offer up to six hours

  • For me it was random. You didn't get a notice until you walked in and checked.

  • Scattered work hours, zero consistency, not more than 20hrs per week unless you’ve been there for many years.

  • Regular business hours

  • Usually I was given anywhere from 10 to 30 hours a week. At the time I was a high school student and my hours weren't very stable. which is more than understandable.

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  • 35 heures / semaine officiellement. Beaucoup de temps supplémentaires relatifs aux nombres de projets.

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  1. What are the hours like at Sobeys like?