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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Sobeys?

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  • Stop hiring students who earn the same amount as older staff for doing less work. Or train them to clean efficiently & respect our elder customers.Or even give a quarter an hour raise to ppl who enjoy their job & look forward to going to work. Stop treating workers like they are children because you make a higher income. Proper training.Proper communication. Proper management.

  • Nothing for now people will always move on

  • I'd tell Thickwood Sobeys management to grow up and not act like a dictator. Don't tell new employees not to listen to certain staff members you don't like. Quit playing favorites, we all know you do blatantly and obviously. Stop disrespecting your employees and treat them fairly.

  • Listen to the employees. Treat them with Ted please respect, provide better training, promote based on ability

  • My advise to management is simple: stop acting like tyrants and treat people respectfully and fairly. I would also advise them to apply rules to all employees including store managers, department managers, and general staff. The Sobeys I worked at was like a dictatorship, rules were broken by those the store manager hung out with outside work and those who sucked to them. When an employee not in the inner circle was 2 minutes late from a break, department managers and or store managers would berate them meanwhile their first break was hour. How is that fair? Bakery manager would go every 35-45 minutes for a smoke, if someone else did that they'd get written up. Fair? No. One Christmas party, store manager felt it justifiable to only give gift cards to employees who went to said party. I couldn't afford to go, I got nothing. I am not upset about that, but a thank you for the year of blood, sweat and tears I put in into making the year good would have been nice. Just saying.

  • In my case, I would suggest to store manager to act like a human being and respect your employees and not have them earn respect. That doesn't make sense, respect is given because you are a human being. Period. You don't go out in public and earn a person's respect, you expect it as you are also a human being. Treat employees like actual people and not borg drones you can easily replace by assimilating others. Talk to people in a manner that doesn't disrespect them or make them feel stupid, basically don't be you.

  • Follow labour laws re: 8 hour shift with no lunch break. Alberta states it must be mutually agreed on to either have 2X 15 or 1X 30 minute, but Bonnyville doesn’t give you that choice.
    Don’t correct employees on the floor in front of customers. One supervisor enjoyed humiliating staff- they went thru 8 cashiers in 8 weeks. I wonder if they will figure out why... ?

  • Treat employees with dignity. Calling people donkeys and talking behind their backs will never keep employees

  • Give more hours. Focus on quality over quantity of staff

  • Equality, respect, honesty, and a REAL open door policy. Stop spreading rumors and telling other staff private information that has been disclosed.
    Most of all....stop bullying us.

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