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Quels sont les horaires de travail chez Sobeys?

24 réponses

  • Monday -6am





  • They want to have part time staff , so no benefits are paid , no room for growth

  • Afternon. or morning 9am

  • Fall spring when are on date ?

    I will fall spring of September A tyical day for me is in the early morning and slow paced.

    I learned how to work in a team , preform excellent customer service ,advance mathemathically, build friend ships. I also learn how to package products ,bake products and decorate cake

  • 7am to 11pm

  • 24 hrs day

  • 24 hours a day

  • Depends on the hours you want, personally i did not need a lot of hours until the summer and that is the one of the reasons i quit. I got from 3-16 hours a week, but a lot of people need more than that.

  • 6am - 12am

  • Shift work

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