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Do Sobeys pay for work experience ?

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I worked for a franchised one, and no, the owner did not.

Not that I know of. But you get a raise for every 700 hours you work (i think), in the 3 years I worked there, i got a 20 cent raise. But if you're applying to a department and you have 5+ years experience in that kind of department, I'm sure they'd pay more than minimum wage.

No, I was hired with minimal experience decorating cakes, and absolutely no experience pack side but I was trained in both departments and from there I was able to advance my skills.

No, Sobey's does not pay for work experience. Everyone gets paid the same.

They don't train new hires very well, your shown once then left on your own even if you have questions.

Yes, they offer a student wage for grocery clerks but pay a better wage for adults, I can't answer this question any more as I was in the pharmacy and it was a different department.

Not sure, they do pay raises for amount of time worked at Sobeys...

No, I've been there for 4 years and I get full time hours during the week but I only make minimum wage.

I don't think so.

Paid training

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