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Un peu fatigant mais agréable

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Connaitre beaucoup d'endroit,des cartiers, des restaurants, des fast food, des cafeterias et pizzeria, rencontrer des personnels de restauration sympathiques et des clients adorables.
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It's A Start If You Need A Job

As with any customer service job, you're going to deal with your share of rude customers and restaurant owners. Be prepared to have your intelligence questioned and occasionally be insulted. The job is very fast paced and can be pretty stressful and overwhelming especially if you work during peak hours or on holidays. Team leaders were friendly and fairly helpful but trying to get in contact with anyone from HR will have you running around in frustration and you likely won't reach anyone. Definitely a start if you're a student and need to earn some money.

Points positifs

Friendly team leaders, decent work culture

Points négatifs

Fast paced, rude customers, hr very hard to contact
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Run, far far away

This company is pathetic to work for, more often than not you sit for hours on end not getting matched to orders. When one is ready willing and capable of taking orders it’s a complete waste of my time to sit and be available and receive nothing in return
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Great for a student but the pay is unstable.

Being able to essentially choose when you work is really helpful for going to to school. It's also great when trying to make plans.But you don't get paid an hourly wage at all and rely entirely on the volume of orders and generosity of customers.Also skip gives out orders based on acceptance rate over your last 10 offers. So if they give you a string of really bad orders and you rightfully decline them, you will get less orders.

Points positifs

Flexible schedule

Points négatifs

Exploitative pay structure
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Make your own hours is nice

I'm glad I started working part time for skip the dishes. It allowed me to work elsewhere at a place that had sparatic hours, so having the ability to custom my shifts was great.
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Good place to learn and gain experience.

Overall, it is a good place to learn and gain experience. The company provides good benefits & perks along with the salary. Remote/Hybrid work option is good during winter.
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not good

Company is friendly, diverse, office management is available to assist when needed. Supportive with family and work balance. Bonus pay twice a year. Salary increases are minimal but workload grows. They are low payers and doesn’t have an employee retention program, so if a better opportunity comes around, people leave.
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Stress free job

Great to work outside, you work on your schedule , no boss to command, if you feel tired you can sign out for the day, the more you work the more money you make
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Pretty much set your own schedule.

Pick your own hours was great. Once covid hit the second time an influx of new drivers cut the opportunity for orders which pretty cut my take home in half.
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slaving ppl

the work is way too much for the amount being paid just not worthed . everybody is in competition ( the team leads) . people quit like everyday and they fire like crazy lol

Points positifs


Points négatifs

low pay
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Flexible and easy

It's very flexible. You can work anytime, extend your shifts, or end early if needed. It is competitive so you may not always get orders. Some days are better than others but overall it's a great side hustle.
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amazing company

amazning company to work for, helpful managers, growth opportunites are abundant, flexible hours and days off can be requested, understanding and helpful
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Pays the bills

Not a job to get rich from but can work the hrs you want to and be your own boss. The company only gives you an app to use for work and everything else is your responsibility. Car payments, insurance, gas, vehicle maintenance etc.
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Tips are random sometimes good sometimes bad.

The company itself is a waste of time and there is little to no support provided. I have even been as far as assaulted and they did not even pick up the phone to call me back to see if I was all right. If you have any issues with the company whatsoever don't expect to get it resolved. The job is good as a hobby to make a little extra money on the side but expect to have times where you will make nothing and spend hours sitting in your car.
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Not the greatest

Skip is kinda lame , but if your looking for easy money then it's a good fit. Can't live on it but great for extra cash , management sucks help center sucks , your basically on your own.
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Its a positive workplace with good advancement opportunities

Overall the company is doing great. After covid it moved to working from home which gives more work life balance as well as you can get benefits whether you're PT or FT which is great.
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Poor pay

I guarantee you, you’re working just to pay for gas and an oil change. You don’t actually make any money. Not even worth it as a side gig. Extremely inconsistent.
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Very little hours and money for the amount of ware on car

Literally make maybe 60$ a night on a decent night and it’s usually 4hr shifts sometimes 3 and u spend atleast 40$ every couple days in gas with a bigger car then a 4 cylinder , not worth the time nor ware and gas money to work for skip

Points positifs

Free drinks .

Points négatifs

Small pay, long waits and ware on car
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Choose your own hours. Pay not guaranteed.

This is a great gig if you only need part-time work and are not relying on it for money. Given the rising cost of fuel, the company should be providing an hourly wage to the drivers. I personally enjoyed making deliveries on my own schedule, as I do love to drive. There are two things the company needs to improve:1. Better communication between courier support and driver while on shift. Canned answers do not help the drivers at all. Also, Support needs to use common sense more often.2. Give the drivers the ability to choose which customer to deliver to when doing multiple deliveries in one run. Other than that it is an easy job with lots of flexibility with how much one works.
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One of the worst organization that I worked for. The most horrible team is the people or HR team existing over there as they don’t respond any of your request and continuously delayed in responses. They even missed out your wages increments and won’t fix it sooner than 7 months. Favouritism,bad management,micro management you name it, it is there. So if you want to experience the worst and toxic corporate life only then you should work in this company.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

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Horrible and unhelpful business practices.

First month was good, making more then $100 for 4 hours of work most nights. Now sometimes barely making more then $40 and around $60 for 8 hours. Skip doesn’t cover you for anything, their help line is useless to talk to any management you have to set a appointment weeks in advance. They also leave it to the customers to pay us, so if they don’t tip you’ll make a measly $5.54 after waiting an hour for a order. Multiple nights where I’ve only made $26 for 4 hours.
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