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In case of cash order, should i pay first to the restaurant and then collect my money from the customer?

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  • I have had a cash order that I paid the store the same amount I collected and got paid for the delivery through the app. Not sure why but STD seem to flip flop between the customer paying you and them paying you for the delivery but you always get paid even if they are not real you get reimbursed and get to keep the food.

  • A cash order will only ever be max $50. If you have $60 including at least $10 in change, then you’re fine.

    The customer pays you back everything you paid the restaurant, plus all of the delivery fee (someone previously said “a portion”, but everyone knows that 100% of the delivery fee goes to the courier), and tip.

  • Yes, you first pay the restaurant then you collect from customer.
    You will collect more as your delivery pay will be included, and mostly plus tip.

    I have a case of paying cash to restaurant then customer was nowhere.

    In that case, have to report to Skip for money to be credited back to you.

    And mostly you got to keep the food for yourself :)

  • There is a $60 float and a disclaimer on the app that says couriers wont accept $100 Bill's but a lot of customers dont read it. Couriers beware. $100 Bill's are not accepted as it's very possible it's a counterfeit.

  • Yes, the customer pays you the same amount + any tip that they would like to pay. If there is a problem with customer payment Skip will sort it out. You are never out of pocket.

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  • Yes. You need small bills and change for this, a $60 float is required. Customer pays you back, plus a portion of the delivery fee and hopefully a tip

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  1. In case of cash order, should i pay first to the restaurant and then collect my money from the customer?