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How much do you get paid per delivery?

4 réponses

  • My average has been $4.00 for transit pay and $3.00 for a tip. Sometimes a customer wants something from the other side of town and won't leave a tip in witch case I'm basically working for free... You really do live off of tips. Unless you live in a small busy city it may not be worth your time. But If you have nothing better to do and want a little extra money its great. Sundays are very busy!

  • Anywhere from $3.00 to 20.00 or higher depending on the order

  • I would say in the Ottawa, it depends which part, I delivery in the Orleans area only and the average per delivery is 5-8$ minimum.(depends how far you go) the most, is approx. 11$-13$.

  • Between $3.45 and about $10, plus any tip that the customer decides to give you. I have earned as much as $20 on one delivery.

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  1. How much do you get paid per delivery?