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Does Ship The Dishes go outside city limits?

5 réponses

  • I am doing skip for almost one month now . In that I have made deliveries outside my zone and sometimes after delivering I got another order where pick up and delivery, both are outside the zone

  • The delivery zones are not based solely on city limits. There is a map of your zone on display while you are waiting for orders. Deliveries are always within your zone.

    When a customer who is outside your zone opens the app, they won’t see any restaurants that are within your zone.

  • I believe so, as I have driven way way out of city limits to deliver

  • In my area, the delivery zone covers the city and 5 suburbs.

  • Not sure exactly what you mean but I'm a courier and am typically confined to a certain zone during a shift. However, I am occasionally sent to neighbouring cities if the address is close to me during busy hours. It doesn't happen a lot and usually pays more.

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  1. Does Ship The Dishes go outside city limits?