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Je partage mon expérience honnêtement. Malheureusement, la culture d'entreprise vantée n'est pas réellement ressentie au quotidien. Dans certains départements, il n'y aucune opportunité d'évolution de carrière ce qui est démotivant pour les employés. De plus, la flexibilité des horaires est inexistante, ce qui peut être contraignant pour concilier travail et vie personnelle.Le sentiment d'être constamment surveillé par les directeurs pèse sur le moral des employés et nuit à l'épanouissement professionnel. De plus, il existe des inéquités flagrantes entre les différents départements, ce qui crée un sentiment d'injustice parmi les employés.

Points positifs

avantages sociaux (assurance, REER), rabais employé

Points négatifs

aucun stationnement, pas de café gratuit, bureaux
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Toxic work environment with managers that have unrealistic expectations and coworkers that constantly talk behind your back. If you are in a for a few hours a week then it’s tolerable although the compensation is not enough for the emotional and mental drainage. You are isolated in your own department for the whole shift and yelled at for talking to others. Will not be returning or recommending
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lieu de travail plaisant

personnes gentilles et accueillantes, formation claire et possibilité des travailler dans différents secteurs. Les gérants sont gentils et vous aident
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very disrepectful management and a toxic employees

very disrepectful management and a toxic employees. lots of gossip and drama. u can do 100 good things and habe 1 mistake and they treat u like dirt. no room for growth.
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Web customer service reality check, Londonderry mall

If I could give this company a 0, I would. I worked for Simons as a web customer service agent. Management sucks and is very clicky. Management only supports the workers to whom they are close and will disregard all other employees. The high turnover rate within the web department field speaks for itself. Within the short time frame that I worked there, six people quit, and seven, including myself. The remaining individuals are now looking for a way out; they only have 15 agents (7/15). If you want to give your life to a company that truly does not care about you, please apply to work for the web customer service department. Please note that the office smells horrifically bad due to individuals’ poor hygiene, 0 ventilation, no AC at all, and terrible lighting. The office is barely an office as it is in the basement of Londonderry Mall without windows. You will feel like a lab rat; enjoy. The pay is good for bare minimum work, which keeps some people there (for now).

Points positifs

The pay is good for bare minimum work

Points négatifs

lab rat style office in a basement, high stress for no reason, management sucks.
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Nice workplace with downsides

Simons is a great place to work in a lot of ways. I enjoy the friendships I’ve made, the pay is good, and the breaks are generous (two 15 min breaks, and one hour break for 9 hour shift). We have a nice lunchroom, lockers, and close earlier than square one some days. The job itself can be enjoyable once you understand how everything works. However, management is not always great. Not great communicators. Some can be rude in demeanour, others struggle to handle situations effectively.They also frequently understaff their employees, leaving you to do everything on your own on busy days.
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Les gérants te disent que si t’as besoin d’aide ou que tu prends du retard, tu peux les appeler pour que d’autres employés viennent t’aider mais au final, tu reçois jamais d’aide de personne, t’apprends sur le tas
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Great Customer Service Experience

Can be slow as all retail is but up-keepingtasks can fill the time. Main priority is customer service and the management makes this clear. Overall it is an easy job with great pay.
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Like a family

I worked at store 001. The team was like a family. Everyone was so nice, welcoming and supportive. The workload was manageable. There were no crazy load music. They were forgivable towards mistakes and were more focused on learning and correction.
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Non recommandé

Peu ou pas de soutien de la part de la direction, formation médiocre, bureaux déprimants et aucun développement de carrière. Beaucoup trop de travail pour le salaire, des processus et des technologies obsolètes.
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Easy money

easy money, weekly pay good for students or anyone looking for a pt job decent discount good clothes not much else to say
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Fun workplace with no job security.

A typical day at work would be doing shipments and attending customers and generating invoices for them. It was a new experience for me and I got to know a lot of people. The management is good and workplace culture is pleasant. Hardest part of the job is to run around the floor and stand for 8 hours. The most enjoyable part of the job is that you get to know a lot of people. They don't offer job security here and they will lay off employees at any time when you are not needed.

Points positifs

Good pay rate

Points négatifs

No fixed contract, they lay you off if you are not required.
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Busy location, good experience

The store and company has a strong family environment. This store has many staff members that has been employed at this location since the begining when we opened.
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Le centre dé distribution

Bonne cafétéria, beau centre de distribution. Excellent endroit pour les étudiants, culture d’entreprise qui favorise les diplômes à l’expérience malheureusement.Donc sans diplôme, pas de meilleur poste.
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Good plaxe

I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts on my past workplace. Overall, it was a positive experience characterized by a collaborative environment and supportive team dynamics. The company's commitment to professional development and innovation contributed to a fulfilling work atmosphere. However, there were occasional challenges in communication and workflow efficiency that could be addressed for further improvement.
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One of the best retail jobs

For a retail job at the mall I consider this one of the best and less stressful working environments. Company stays true to your scheduling so no unexpected hours cut even during slow days. There is also no pressure to complete sales as they focus more on the customer experience. There can be some rough days where tasks hit you all at once, but overall a decent retail job.
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Simons...excellent employeur!

Très bonne compagnie. Les directeurs et gérants sont très humains. Excellente culture d'entreprise
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A good entry level

You will have mental breakdowns,That’s a guarantee. The office environment is terribly bad and I’d say inhumane. Salary should be increased by a dollar and job security is a myth here!

Points positifs

Great discounts

Points négatifs

Management and Work conditions.
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great place to work. supportive managers and super supportive staff.The salary is a minimum according to federal & provincial regulations but we used to get great discount
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Typical retail job that's as disingenuous as the rest

The job is a typical retail experience, with a high turn over rate & micro managing all at the top. PT availability is 5 days a week currently, witth priority on closing shifts. So beware if you're a uni student + extracurricular commitments. The part time worker minimum is 8 hours a week, getting anything above 12 for PT during school season feels like a blessing. And management is stingy with giving an increase with hours. Promotions are very random and seldom happen, but they're promised if asked about in interview. Job culture is average, many colleagues are student aged so they prioritize fraternizing together over productivity. If hired, please then expect to handle the cash area, fitting rooms, keeping your department tidy, & doing putbacks all by yourself if there even happens to be another person working with you. Nonetheless, Simons started off a decent work environment but with drastic changes in management , it's not pleasant.

Points positifs

1 hour lunch breaks

Points négatifs

Irresponsible management
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Fun place for part time

Full time job it gets boring but as a part time job it’s pretty fun, I worked both and I can say my time as part time was far more enjoyable due to managers not micro managing as much compared to when you’re full time
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