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    11 à 50
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    5 $ à 25 $ millions (CAD)
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Contractuel, Temporaire
Human Resources Assistant

Calgary, AB

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il y a 3 jours

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Temps Plein, Temps Partiel, Occasionnel
Casual Receptionist, Aspen Community

Calgary, AB

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il y a 5 jours

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Temps Partiel
Part time Receptionist, Spruce Community

Calgary, AB

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il y a 6 jours

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Temps Partiel
Dining Attendant, Part time, Aspen Community

Calgary, AB

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il y a 13 jours

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Temps Plein
Coordinator-Planned and Preventive Maintenance

Calgary, AB

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il y a 11 jours

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Temps Plein
Manager of Quality Development

Calgary, AB

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il y a 24 jours

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6 offres d'emploi sont disponibles chez Silvera For Seniors.
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Food Preparation & Service

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Kitchen Helper
14,85 $ par heure
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Social Worker in Calgary, AB
le 22 mars 2021
Residents are wonderful but management is unbearable.
Management makes decisions that impact your caseloads to the point of burning out. Even after expressing concerns you are told to leave if you don't like it. If you want to advance in the company, you MUST fit their idea of a drone to follow management's every decision without question. Management style is very patriarchal and there is no opportunity for growth. Picture 1980's style of management. The wage is about $7,000 less than anywhere else for social workers. Expect a caseload of 60+ with a small team of 5 with 2500 residents... you do the math... Most community managers are great and want what is best for residents, but even they are burning out with the lack of empathy and respect from management. Remember, Heads in beds. That is what the bottom line will always be for Silvera - They pretend to play nice but really they are sneaky and will blindside you without warning.
Administrative Assistant in Calgary, AB
le 28 octobre 2020
Depressing, Stressful, and Management is awful
Former Admin Assistant there for almost 3 years. Why I stayed so long, I am not sure. No raises, no advancement. Management may as well spat on people, because that is how they make you feel. I was even told by one of the 'new' managers that was just being hired on when I left that my opinion doesn't matter because 'I'm just an admin.' They make you work hard and tirelessly for little money, expect to take on other peoples full time jobs because they were smart enough to quit and deserve better. Toxic environment. Upper management at head office does not care for the people out in the field, your voice will NOT be heard. HR protects the company and not the employee. I felt beaten down, degraded as a woman, and worthless. By the time I left that company, I had no idea how depressed I actually was. They only care about money, way too many chiefs and top heavy, not enough workers for the work that needs to be done. Everything has changed to contract so they can let you go whenever they want to. They lost their vision a long time ago and what is most important, their residents, the awesome seniors.
le 25 octobre 2020
Only about the money
I was really excited at first to work with Seniors' and try to be a difference in their life. Management makes that impossible, their bottom line is money and filling rooms. I swear they treat the residents as if they are walking money bags, no respect for them. Reception work is a joke, I tried to get clarification on many topics and end up getting shut down. Avoid if you can.
Admin in Calgary, AB
le 5 septembre 2020
Stay away, except it's last resort!
I know that when you need a job, you need a job. However, this is one place you want to stay away from! People actually get so so sad that they decide to be unemployed than working there...terrible wage, terrible benefits, despite all they boast of on their website and promises during the interviews. They fly under the radar of being a not-for-profit and use that as an excuse to pay you a little above minimum wage, but expect you to have Harvard and M.I.T qualifications! Their technology is very outdated and they refuse to be brought into the 21st century.Terrible senior staff and miserable poor management, if you have plans to advance in life and in your career, forget it in this company because there's no room for advancement. They actually do not like the word "growth". You are expected to be in a repetitive position and have zero aspirations. The Chief of HR is utterly clueless on what HR means as a whole. He violates every employee rule and can be very intrusive into employee's personal lives. A very two-faced place where management smiles in your face, then send nasty emails about you behind your back! You can count the number of staff on one hand that have been in this company for 5 years and up.They mostly hire contracts, so they can terminate you if you ever disagree with anything. Management is AWFUL. (Dishonest mostly) Any "Great Reviews" is just damage control honestly. Even in the communities, it's a toxic management system there too. People snitching, gossiping and plotting behind each other's backs. That is what you are going to find there, no matter how good or experienced you are, you will get fed up after a couple of months. If you must apply to this place because you are unemployed, do so BUT HAVE AN EXIT STRATEGY before you work there!
Maintenance Worker in Calgary, AB
le 7 avril 2020
Not established after decades
I worked in the maintenance department. They do not train you, they just place you in a building and let you fail. If you are favored you will get assistance and prompt help. Cliquey group. Benefits, vacation and personal time is good. Processes and procedures change daily. You get poor treatment from most of the community managers.
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