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Avis des employés pour Sales Associate chez shumaker

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- the staff teams between stores are a delight and easily the best part of the job but communication is limited and monitored down to every email sent - New employees are not introduced via the company blog and transitioning employees do not get to say goodbye - Its more about sales numbers than customer service - Poor quality and defective products at a higher than average price point - minimum hourly wage and no benefits unless you are a store manager (not even full benefits) - The only communication from head office is micro managing and negative reinforcement - prior to your first shift theres a 10 hour online training you have to complete but you will not be paid - we do not get to take regulatory bathroom/meal breaks if we do not have coverage for example working on a Sunday 11-5 by yourself which means the store does not get closed for a half hour to provide a break
Points positifs
other company employees, regular customers, trying on the product
Points négatifs
long work days sometimes up to 11 hours, no breaks on individual shifts, belittled by upper management on performance and sales
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