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Les gestionnaires des autres départements se mêle du département des cosmétiques. Emploi très accès sur l’atteinte des objectifs. La culture en tant que tel du pharmaprix est bien.
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Good first time job

Only good thing is employee discount, it is a fun workplace, busy sometimes and there is lifting required which was my least favorite part you had to carry milk cartages out of the freezers to the dolly/cart but over all good first time experience. Often times managers would text on off days asking to come in which was a little annoying but still a really good job for students looking to get their first job experience
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Management are good, company is bad

Shoppers is franchised so you can get good or bad Management depending on the store, however the company stopped caring about the staff years ago. There is no loyalty to the staff who has been there for a long time, the hours to actually complete the job have been cut multiple times over and the expectations are higher. The raises had a (low) cap set by corporate and the owners would be in hot water if the exceeded it. There has been more turnover this year(2022) than I can recall seeing in my 16 years with the company. If you are looking for a few hours to work while in school for extra money it isn't a terrible job but otherwise I would recommend looking elsewhere.

Points positifs

Discount is 30% or cost, whichever is higher

Points négatifs

Expectations are crazy high especially for management, wages are low, customers are garbage
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Productive and great introductory workplace to enter the workforce

-Received adequate customer service training and experience alongside team of helpful staff, fair choice of hours, whether it be day or night shifts, and a wonderful crew to spend your time working with. Ideal for people getting into customer service and retail

Points positifs

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It was good until it last

Initially this company offered job stability if you plan to stay in the same role until retirement. Amazing perks if you can keep up doing the same role year after year.Management very rare supports development and career growth and if you tell them your plans you will be excluded. Company lacks of empathy and depending on the area, is not flexible, expect to work overtime without recognition.

Points positifs

good benefit package, discount at store

Points négatifs

management does not support career growth, expect you to stay in the same role for the rest of your life
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Your work experience working at shoppers will vary, since shoppers is a franchise the owner and management can make your experience working at shoppers a good or a bad one. I felt like shoppers is not a place where you can work long term if you are looking for a career here due the fact they do not have a enough hours to give employees.
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overworked for little money. if you liked getting yelled at for a 2 cent price difference then this is the place to work. discount only good for fragrance
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Stressful AF

It’s fast paced and very stressful. Not enough staff and overworked. Days off aren’t done fairly. Management is good. Some people don’t have the right priorities
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Wages do not reflect the amount of work and customer service that is given. Staff is good to work with. Our store needs security due to a large amount of theft and unruly customers.
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Slow working environment

As a cashier, you don’t have much to do. There are not many customers in the stores so the job is more relaxed. The rushing hours are relatively short.

Points positifs

Small workload

Points négatifs

Low pay, no shifts
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Good workplace

Good workplace and environment. The pharmacy is busy, but the team members work together and collaborate to help with the workload. The atmosphere is welcoming and a good place to work
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Valued experience but requires improvement - And mentally taxing

The Positives: Good employee discount.Flexible scheduling, accommodating if you have a second job and/or studying. Cosmetic manager was a very good person to work for.You definitely will learn a lot, one of the most extensive places in terms of gaining knowledge and experience in the customer service field and on various products.Bonus goodies, such as gratis or gifted items.It was a bit touch and go at times, but the job security offered during peak times of Covid lockdowns was appreciated. This circumstance varies depending on stores since not all were the same that regard, but at least in this case it was favorable. The Negatives:High School setting and atmosphere. Double standards are rampant when it comes to penalizing workplace transgressions or offering rewards. Almost EVERYONE in the store gossips, badmouths and complains about each other behind their backs (Whether personally or work-related annoyances) but will act like best friends face to face with all the perks, backing, selfies and shallow faux preaching on kindness, praises, teamwork and community - with any aforementioned grievances not addressed or corrected and support uneven. And it is all ages that do this. There are or were some wonderful staff members and colleagues, but the former issue is significant and overshadows a lot. Employee of the Month is a joke, it is more of a popularity contest and less on actual merit. Nepotism is common. Turnover is very high. Some of the managers or supervisors over the years have been weak and/or have favourites, so discussing matters with them can be troublesome - 
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Benefits are the best thing about this job

You will always feel very under appreciated no matter how hard you work. The people who slack off get more recognition than the employees that actually work hard or do their jobs properly. It's very difficult to keep motivated while working here when the employers are constantly putting you down.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Schedule. Constant pressure.
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Very good PT time job for a retired person.

This PT position fit my need to a tee when I applied. ie;Driving, serious in daily objectives, interactive, good team mindset, 2 days per week. Clientele very appreciative of the service.Staff helpful and forthcoming with assistance if required.Only drawback was very personal and things I noticed, posed a possible challenge to my character & integrity, so I eventually made the decision to leave, to avoid being implicated. 3 years down the road, I still miss the actual job itself but I know I made the right decision.
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Too stressful

Understaffed and stressful all the time, poorly managed. No dedicated technician or assistant and all on pharmacist shoulder.Mainly lack of work-life balance
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Productive teams make the job worthwhile

Overall, the company expects quite a lot from underpaid employees. Management will keep anybody they can just under the cusp of full-time employment to avoid eligibility for health insurance. The bad apple employees get to stick around usually, since most of them happen to be hired as personal friends of management. You are not paid for time spent working, but rather for your time scheduled - staying late while being unpaid is a part of the job.

Points positifs

30% discount on items with at least 30% markups
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Amazing team to work with.

The best company I have ever had. No Complaints. Loved the culture and people there. Work is repetitive but huge work load and good learning experience.
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Decent place to work

A typical day as Cash Manager for me was opening the store, working cash office and getting everything ready for the day. Afterward I was in the office balancing the daily deposits and doing daily cash counts/lottery inventory/sales. My store manager was awesome. She was encouraging and you could easily relate to her, very understanding and generally fun to work with. Workplace culture was O.K alot of gossip but that’s generally what goes on in a retail environment. I just kept to myself mostly and did my job properly and accurately. I feel like I could have been paid more honestly, the amount of responsibility daily did not reflect the pay in a management position. The supervisors that I oversaw daily were making a dollar less than me with way less responsibility. The yearly raises were a bit of a joke too. .20 cent raise even if you had zero complaints and exceeded your expectations in the position. Overall I liked the place, and the people I worked with.
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Fun place to work at the start.

Mangers can be rude at times lots of gossip. Besides all that the other employees are fun and make the time fly by. If you finish stocking two isles there will be nothing to do for about an hour.

Points positifs

Good environment

Points négatifs

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nice place to work

Nice place to work.learned lots of things,the management was good,the culture was interesting lots of staff from different places so made me to learn lots of good things
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A nice work place for Beginners

I got the job of beauty expert few years ago as my first job, I was a college student. The manager treated me really good, and my coworkers are all friendly to me, they taught me a lot even though I made a lot of mistakes at beginning. I know some reviews are complaining about the salary and management problem, but for me, I am so happy that I can get a job in Shoppers. The payment is not really high because I am just a student but it is totally enough to cover my food and living. The costumers sometimes are not that nice, it make me feel stressed sometimes.

Points positifs

Working Environment

Points négatifs

Stressful Working experience
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