Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix
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What is the company culture at Shoppers Drug Mart / Pharmaprix?

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It could be great if the management knew what they were doing and had an actual understanding of what the company expects. Management was very disorganized and was constantly changing their minds on things when they were told by the higher-ups that they were doing their job wrong, which was always.

They company culture is known as blue culture which means that everyone and everything is treated fairly and with much respect.

Depending on the managers culture that is the culture that will be at the workplace.

Retail pharmacy

Very mixed .. we come from different cultures and up bringing.

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It is a great company that takes pride in making sure their employees are well taken care of.

More flexible and fun enviornment.

Every department for themselves. I always try to take a team unit approach while working there but some people are so self-focused or selfish, they'll happily throw others under the bus to avoid problems or trouble.

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