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Interview process for merchandiser

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  • Yes just because you have to know what to you to know.

  • The Shoppers Drug Mart that hires me used my number to call for the interview and also for the job offers unlike emails.
    Interview was pretty simple two questions, tell me about yourself? and are you okay with minimum wage?

    To be qualified you required previous job experience in position you seek.

    Happy Job Hunting 😊!!

  • Pretty simple. They’ll ask about your work experience and a bit of background on yourself.

  • What makes you qualified?
    How much can you lift?

    Are you task-oriented?

    Are you approachable?

  • Knowing what the full role is, able to work longer and harder hours, being able to carry out a role without assistance.

  • He reviews your resume and calls you in for an interview. Hired me efficiently fast.

  • They basically need to know if you're capable of being a work horse.

  • It wasn't that bad they just ask simple questions like how did you hear about the job and why do you want to work here.

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